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Fun Quiz To Recap January And February Posts

Since the start of the New Year, I have not been posting as often as I used to. The reason for this is due to life.

Life comes with ups and downs and I believe that when you are down you need to take a break and spend some quality time with the Lord so that He can refill you with His love and His Word.

During the month of January, seven posts were published with a total of 3,653 views. The month of February received 3,335 views because only four posts were published for the entire month.

Note that the fewer posts that you published the fewer views that you will receive. Unless of course, you have the time to network by visiting other blogs.

The more blogs that you visit the more people will find your blog and read your posts.

All of the posts published during those two months were well received by viewers from ninety countries around the world.

I appreciate every single person who clicks on this blog and reads a post. I pray that the Lord will reward your generosity and if you have a blog it will increase from strength to strength.

Fun Quiz

To recap all eleven posts, I will give you a little brain teaser.

After completing the quiz, check your answers by clicking on the highlighted links beside each question. 

  1. The Word of God is the food that guarantees that we remain alive on earth. True or False? Read
  2. The Word of God is a weapon of offense. True or False? Check here for the answer.
  3. Select the correct answer to the following statement: The only way that humans can tempt God is by –  a) Committing adultery. b) Doubting the Word of God. c) Refusing to pray. Check your answer here.
  4. How many witnesses does a man need to establish his word? Does God need a witness for His Word to be established? The answers to both questions are in this article.
  5. Who said the following words?

    When life let me down I held my head up high.

    Because my crown will only stay on if I look up to the sky.”  Answer

  6. Some people are too tough to be broken. True or False? Check your answer here.
  7. When did the creator of this blog receive the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior? a) Childhood b) Adulthood c) Golden years. Answer.
  8. What are some of the provisions that God made for the defenseless in our society? Answer.
  9. What is the most effective way to improve your writing skills? Answer
  10. What is this blog declaration for the year 2021? Select the right answer: a) A year of increased  b) A year of fulfillment  c) Seek the Lord
  11. Who fulfilled all righteousness for humanity? Check your answer here.

Did you answer all eleven questions correctly? Share with us your score in the comment box below.

January posts

Twenty-five tips to make you a better writerBread cannot satisfy youAn interesting thing about the armor of GodBeware of a place called Massah and MeribahThe established word of GodSeek the Lord; The fulfillment of all righteousness.

February posts

The Black WomanSomething has to break; The outstanding blogger award; Guaranteed protection for the defenseless.

A big thank you for participating and may God continues to bless you richly.

Thank You!


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