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Bearing Fruit On Stony Ground

While I was responding to the I love my job tag, my son showed me a tomato plant growing from the concrete on my balcony.

Although I shared it in my last post, I decided to expand on it and share it again.

Is it possible for a seed to germinate on stony ground and grow into a mature tree that bears fruits?

The above picture is a tomato plant that is growing from my balcony in no soil.

A few months ago I sowed some cherry tomatoes in a pot and it appeared as if one of the seeds fell on the ground and was swept to the edge of the balcony.

I was unaware of this until the seed germinated and began to grow.

I was tempted to remove the young plant because I thought that it would eventually die since there was no soil to give it nourishment.

Then I decided to let it remain until it dies.

Well, as you can see, the plant did not die but continues to grow and blossom and eventually producing fruits.

One of the fruit was riped and I picked it.

A few days later, another fruit was riped on the tree.

This plant with its roots embedded on the top of the concrete continues to grow and bloom with no signs of withering.

On the other hand, the plants that are rooted in fertile soil have not produced any fruit to this day.

My resilient tomato plant represents hope.

Jesus told us a parable about a Sower who sowed seeds and they fell in different places.

Some of the seeds fell on stones where there was no soil and they germinated and began to grow.

However, when the sun came up they were scorched because their roots were not deep in the soil.

On the other hand, the seeds that were sown on the fertile ground brought forth fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold. (See Matthew 13:1-8).

This is the natural order of nature. The seeds must be planted in soil that is fertile and well-watered with plenty of natural sunlight to grow and produce fruit.

The spiritual implication of this parable is that your heart must be fertile and ready to listen, receive and practice the Word of God when it is sown so that you will grow into maturity, (oil and wine) bearing multiple fruits for the kingdom of God.

How fertile is your soil?

However, My resilient plant is telling me something different.

It is telling me that there is still hope for the stony heart – a heart that is hardened, stubborn, and disobedient, always resisting the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Do not give up on such a heart!

There is still hope because God can germinate the seed of the Word of God in the stony heart.

The proof is seen in nature – my resilient plant!


    • Yes it is. I am completely amazed by it because the root is on the surface of the concrete. It is not embeded in it. The tree jot inly grew but it is bearing fruits. God is good. Have a blessed day.

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