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The Forgotten Minor Prophet

A pastor was preaching on the Minor Prophets…all twelve of them in one sermon.

After two hours he was only half-way through his message. Everyone was getting restless and most had stopped paying attention.

After four hours, to everyone’s relief, he said “Finally…”.  It was almost over, they thought.

Then to their horror, the Pastor said, “Oh my, I forgot about Micah…what shall we do with Micah?”.

One old lady sitting right in front could take no more.

She stood up and said, “Hey, preacher! Micah can take my seat…I’m going home!”.


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  1. Lol. Humorous but there’s so much lesson to be learnt from the minor prophets too. I used to undermine them until recently when God opened my eyes to one of them — Jonah. I know there’s still more to be learnt. Thank you for sharing this post with us!

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