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Ten Of My Favourite Things

I wish to thank Tangie of Mrs. T’s Corner for nominating me for Ten of my Favourite Things Tag.

I want to also thank Oasis in Jesus for tagging me also.

These are two great inspirational blogs and I encourage you to visit them.

This tag is to simply list the favorite things that you enjoy doing. 

List of my favorite things

  1. I enjoy sleeping late in the morning.

Source: – @WhoHaha/Giphy


  2.  I enjoy eating ice cream and cake.

Source: –


  3.  I enjoy writing on my blog and networking with other bloggers.

Writing books is also one of my favorite things to do.  Read: How I wrote my first book.

  4.  I love to spend quality time reading my Bible and meditating on the Lord.


  5.  I enjoy watching a great comedy.

Source: –

I am currently watching The Nanny on the internet.

Source: –


 6.  I enjoy gardening.

My dream is to grow a food forest as soon as I acquire a piece of land. Please help me pray.

Source: – @Volumary_Garten/Giphy


   7.   I enjoy vacationing in Jamaica.

Sunset Beach Jamaica Grand – 2013 summer vacation. Image courtesy of


   8.  Relaxing on the beach is one of my favorite things to do.

Source: – @looneytunes/Giphy


  9. I enjoy spending time with my family.

(The picture below is not my actual family)

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels


10. While I was writing this post, one of my high school friends Whatsapp a picture of the girls in our class at Glenmuir High in 1982.

Class 5A 1982. Glenmuir High School. I am the shy little girl standing to the left of the teacher with the girl leaning on my shoulder.

It was a pleasurable moment looking at the picture and trying to identify myself. The picture brought back some wonderful memories.


I love sailing. 

Read Ten ways to have a fun staycation and Enjoying the sun, sea, and sand.

I enjoy relaxing on my porch in the cool of the day and looking at the lovely mountain and ocean scenery while giving God thanks for His many blessings on my life.

Thank you, Lord!

This was a fun award to do and I recommend it to all my blogging friends.

You are all tagged!

Share some favorite things that you enjoy doing.

Have fun!

Thank you for reading.

Featured image: – Photo by Joshua Mcknight from Pexels



  1. PTL! congrats on your 10 Favorite Things Tag, Doreen! 🙂
    I enjoyed reading! What a cute pic of that kitty! ❤
    I am praying with you on your Food Forest Land!
    God's perfect will! God's perfect timing! 🙂
    God loves you, Sister!

    Liked by 1 person

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