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Searching For True Love

Love is in the air, and everyone is seeking true love.

Therefore, I will share with you a love story of a young woman who searched all her life for love and failed until finally, she found true love in the arms of someone unexpected.

Impatiently, she grabbed and held on to the first appearance of love that entered her life.

A love wrapped in all the clothing that she dreamt it would be.

A love dressed in garments of fidelity and decorated with quietness and humility.

It was the representation of true love that she craved all her life.

Her love was the embodiment of all the characteristics that she held dear to her heart.

So she snatched unto her love and held tightly.

“I have found the one who will fulfill all my dreams.” She thought.

But alas when she entered the inner chamber of her chosen love, she found emptiness.

There was no warmth of an embrace.

No comforting arms.

No affectionate kiss.


And, her heart broke into shreds.

She felt betrayed by love.

So she lapsed into bitterness and resentment.

Lonely and broken the young woman existed for many years in total disillusion.

She was trapped in a union that had no foundation.

She lost her destiny and purpose.

The thief stole her joy.

The enemy turned her dreams into nightmares.

Like an injured frightened bird she wilted away slowly.

After many years of sorrow, her soul cried out from the depths of despair.

“Have mercy upon me, O Lord, for I am in trouble: mine eye is consumed with grief, yea, my soul and my belly.” (Psalms 31:9)

The Lord heard the pitiful cry of this desperate soul and had mercy on her.

He took her by the hands and led her to living water.

He washed away all the dirt and grime.

He removed the pain and bitterness.

Then He anointed her with the oil of gladness and pour in the wine of contentment.

The Lord rejuvenated her body, spirit, and soul and placed her on a rock where He poured out in abundance His love and compassion on her.

With sweet tender words, the Lord comforted her.

“Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed; neither be disgraced, for you will not be put to shame; for you will forget the shame of your youth, and will not remember the reproach of your widowhood anymore.

For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is His name, and your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel; He is called the God of the whole earth. For the Lord has called you like a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, like a youthful wife when you were refused,” Says your God.

“For a mere moment, I have forsaken you, but with great mercies, I will gather you. With a little wrath, I hid My face from you for a moment; But with everlasting kindness, I will have mercy on you,” Says the Lord, your Redeemer. (Isaiah 54:4-8)

The Lord promised to teach her how to love and be loved. Then He poured perfect love in her heart. He said,

“I am love!

When I am in your heart, you have love.

My love for you is forever – surpassing the realm of time and space.

My love for you is kind and compassionate. It will not diminish regardless of your response to me.

My love for you is incomparable, so there is no one in heaven and earth can equal my love for you.

My love for you is pure and peaceful, filled with patience and humility.

My love for you is possessive but not selfish.

My love for you will endure all the tests of times.

My love for you is truthful and proven because I gave my life to you so that you may live eternally.

Therefore, who can separate you from my love?

Can tribulation or distress or persecution or famine?

Can nakedness or peril or the sword separate you from me?

Nothing in this present life or future life can separate us.

Neither death nor any living things above or beneath will be able to separate you from my love.

My love for you is your weapon to subdue the enemy so that you will be more than a conqueror.


Accept my love!

Freely it is yours to receive.”

Desperately, the young lady hungrily devoured every word that fell from the mouth of God.

Before the Lord uttered the last phrase the young lady was delivered.

Her broken heart was mended.

Her joy was restored

Her dreams and destiny renewed.

The spirit of heaviness was replaced with garments of praise.

She was given new life, new hope to soar like an eagle.

The above prose is a true story. I know it is true because this young woman was me.



    • Amen. The Lord is indeed touched by our infirmities. He feels our pain and He weeps with us. Thank God He rescued me and set me on my feet. Thank you for reading and sharing.


  1. What a wonderful story of true love, Beverly. I am so grateful that Yahweh is our husbandman (Isaiah 54:5). I am so thankful to know His love for us is sincere, is pure, is rich, is all encompassing. His love for us has no ends, it is through eternity. Thank you for reminding us that there is no love quite like His ❤️

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