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Is Your Miracle From God Or Satan? Part One

Over the years, I have become increasingly concerned about the state of the Church – the body of Christ. Are we fully prepared like the five wise virgins for the second coming of Christ, the Bridegroom, or are we behaving like the foolish virgins who were totally unprepared? Or is the church playing the harlot?

Since I migrated to the BVI in 2001, I have attended many crusades and conventions, and I am amazed that the same people are always at the altar for healing and deliverance at every crusade.

I often wondered why this was so. Is it because the word of God is not effective in their lives? Or is God not working miracles in our modern day society?banner-1248181_640

I have been praying about this situation for a long time. Finally, the Lord decided to open my eyes to see in the realm of the spirit the things that are happening in the Church.

He first showed me the bad spirits that are operating in the workplace and community and then He opened my eyes to see the spirits that are functioning in the Church. Unfortunately, they all appeared to be the same.

How can the Church, a place of refuge, not differ from the world? The fault lies with the leaders and pastors. They are ultimately responsible for the well-being of the sheep, so if the leaders are led astray by lust and greed the consequences will pass down to the congregation.

This generation is searching for signs and wonders to believe in God. Therefore, many evangelists and ministers felt pressured to produce miraculous healing and deliverance similar to the apostles in the New Testament, so they are dabbling in the occult world to produce these signs and wonders in their congregation.

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. (Mark 13:22)

For false Christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. (Mark 13:22)

The more healing power that they claimed to have the larger their followers and the more income they will generate in donations and the sale of their books.

The only criteria that that these evangelists and pastors seem to desire is to be able to preach eloquently, knowledgeable about the Bible, charismatic and able to attract a crowd. Their followers are so mesmerized by their performances that they are willing to submit to them and do anything even pretend if necessary.

I have re-blogged a post by Joshua Cummins, who wrote about the demonic miracles in the Church. The Lord led me to his blog because I am doing a series on identifying the stumbling blocks in the Church and He wants me to include the demonic miracles because they are leading His people astray.

So far I have examined the spirits of Jezebel and Balaam, the religious spirits and the sin of witchcraft. Follow the links to read more.

Joshua Cummins explained in his post that miracles are real and although God performs miracles, Satan, the impersonator, likes to transform himself into an angel of light to perform miracles to deceive the nations. Read more about Demonic miracles here.hand-1044210_640

Indeed, the Bible states that the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all powers and lying wonders (2 Thessalonian 2:9-12).

Many people believe that this lawless one is a single man called the antichrist who will dominate the world. This belief is far from the truth. Even though the Bible used the word ‘one’ it does not mean it will be only a single person.

The sentence used this word as an indefinite pronoun similar to the sentence that states, ‘one should not worry about these things.’ One meaning people.

Hence, the lawless one or people are present in our churches and on the television performing miracles, signs, and wonders to deceive the world.

If after reading this post and you identify these evil spirits in your pastors and leaders, you need to pray for their souls.

If you continue to support and follow these lawless people, you will fall under the judgment of God because you refuse to believe the truth but instead, take pleasure in unrighteousness.

The Bible tells the story of the father who brought his dumb son to the disciples to be healed, but they could not cast out the demons.

Jesus took the child and cast out the demons out of him. When the disciples asked Him why they could not do it the Lord told them that those kinds of demons can only come out by prayer and fast (Mark 9:14-29).prayer and fasting

Evidently, the disciples were not engaged in much prayer and fasting as Christ. Evidence can be seen before Jesus betrayal where the disciples slept while He prayed. (Matthew 26:36-46)

We are living in the generation where the demonic forces and powers of darkness are prevalent. So if you want to experience the miraculous working power of Jesus Christ in your ministry, you must be totally sold out to Him with much prayers and fasting.

Unfortunately, many ministers and evangelists do not want to engage in this route, so they chose the simpler method – through sorcery.

Confirmation in the Bible of Satanic Miracles

The Bible recorded that miracles and healing can occur by the devil. The first example happened in Egypt. Pharaoh needed a sign to prove that Moses was speaking on behalf of God. So the Lord told Moses to throw down Aaron’s rod and it would become a serpent. Moses obeyed, and Aaron’s rod became a serpent.

However, Pharaoh was not impressed because he called his magicians and they performed a similar miracle with their enchantments. When the Lord told Moses to turn the waters of Egypt into blood, Pharaoh’s magicians were also able to do this by enchantments, so he was not persuaded to release the Israelites.

You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot. (Psalms 91:13)

You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot. (Psalms 91:13)

The sorcerers of Egypt were also able to make frogs appeared on the land similar to Moses. However, the magicians could not turn the dust into lice which were the third plague of Egypt. Thus, the powers of the sorcerors ended (Exodus 7-8).

The Bible also states in Revelation that the Beast will perform many signs and wonder and miracles to deceive the nations (Revelation 13:13-14).

Apparently, Satan can perform miracles through his false prophets and magicians. How can the Church recognize the miracles that are from God versus the witchcraft from Satan?

Part Two of this post will teach you how to identify the bad spirits in the Church and how to identify the good and bad miracles. You can’t afford to miss it!

Continue to Part Two


  1. True miracles are far and few between. Just because someone is healed is not a miracle. For a true miracle, God sets aside His laws of nature to perform it. Many toss the word “miracle” around way too much.


  2. This is so deep and true!!! Jezebel is truly at work in the church and many people are not questioning this. I have been a victim of this. We thank God for when we seek Him He opens our eyes


  3. We are living in serious time, and we need to become proactive as Christians and study the word of God for ourselves. It is so amazing to see so many misinterpretations of the Scripture on the pulpit, especially on international television, yet people are still following these preachers. We need to test the spirit so that we are not deceived. We need to to persevere in prayer. Thank you Noni and Lee and may God bless you.

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