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Happy Anniversary!

Today is the first anniversary of Becomingtheoilandwine blog. Exactly one year ago I wrote my first post – The Challenges of Relocation. In this post, I poured out my heart for the first time about the difficulties and triumphs that I encountered when I migrated from my home in Jamaica to the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

I accepted a job offer as Medical Imaging Technologist at the hospital on the island of Tortola. I relocated with my entire family consisting of my two children who were two and four years old at the time, my husband and also my niece who was living with me at the time.

I realized now that I was like Abraham, who moved from his country to a strange land with not only his wife but his nephew. However, unlike Abraham I did not move in response to a direct command from God. My move was purely for economic reasons but at that time I did not know that God was actually orchestrating my move behind the scene.

BVI - Image taken by Hezekiah Maddock

BVI – Image taken by Hezekiah Maddock

We moved with a sickly child to a small island which did not have advanced medical facility to care for a child with congenital heart disease. I decided to move without first researching the island.

Although I was not aware of all the disadvantages that I would encounter on the island, my God knew the hindrances and made preparations for me.

During the first year on the island, it was difficult for me to adjust to the culture and lifestyle but I persevered and was determined to hold on instead of giving up and returning home.

Bellvue Primary School - created by the students of the school.

Bellvue Primary School – created by the students of the school.

As I said before, God prepared the way and led me to the perfect school for my children and an apartment next door to the school. The Lord also led me to Puerto Rico where they have advanced medical facilities to care for my son.

My daughter with her trophies at primary school graduation

My daughter with her trophies at primary school graduation

My two children excelled in the primary school where they became valedictorians at their graduation. Yes, even the sickly child who was absent from school on numerous occasions as a result of his ill health also excelled in school.

Both of them attended the public high school where they also excelled. My daughter is currently attending the local college pursuing an associate degree with my son following closely at her heels.

My son and I at his graduation from primary school.

My son and I at his graduation from primary school.

It was on this island that God healed my son and me from a broken heart (mine spiritual and his physical). It was on this island that I found my purpose and destiny in God. It was here that God directed me to start this blog in preparation for the work that He planned for my life.

When God gave me the directive to begin this blog, I had no internet service or a computer at my home because I could not afford it. I thought that it was impossible to without these necessities so I should postpone it until I received them.

However, I became convicted that God will make a way in spite of my present situation. So I decided to sign up on WordPress and begin to write. I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into but I simply pressed on.

Soon God placed people in my life such as Yvonne Wilson (EMB) who taught me the basics of blogging. I am still a work in progress, but I know for sure that God will lead me to success.

Today, I have posted two hundred and nine (209) posts on this blog, and I did it without a personal computer or internet at home. If I had waited until I was fully equipped, one year would have passed without a single post written.

I also hold a full-time job at the hospital, and I am a single mother taking care of two teenagers without any help from friends or family members. I could not have done these things without the strength and guidance from the Lord. I owed it all to Him.

This blog revealed my past, my testimonies and my personal relationship with God. It also revealed my destiny in God. You can read about the meaning of the oil and wine here and why it is important for us to become the oil and wine.

Since the beginning of this year the Lord told me to post a Thanksgiving devotion every day. These devotions have been a tremendous blessing to me and I know that they will also bless you.

Given all the above blessings that I received in the BVI, I can say with certainty that the BVI became the perfect home for my family and me.

In spite of the many trials that I encountered on the island the blessings that I received from God far outweighs the negatives. The blessings will not cease because the Lord told me that the best is yet to come.

The first prophetic words that I received from the Lord came from my local church on top of the hill through a message preached by a visiting sister. She said,

The place where you received your greatest trials is the place where you will receive your greatest blessings.”

I received those words with all of my heart and soul, and now I am reaping the benefits.

2015 is my year of jubilee where God fulfilled all of His promises in my life. Right now I consider myself walking in my overflow and just ‘drinking from the saucer for my cup has run over.’ (Originally recorded by Michael Combs)

Join me in this first-anniversary celebration with much praise and worship to the Lord as He continues to shower us with increase from day to day. Hallelujah!


  1. Thank you Tishawna and Yvonne.
    Indeed it has been a very good year. It has been filled with many triumphs and some sorrows. In the middle of my celebration I am also mourning the loss of Arthur my friend and colleague.
    His death is for a purpose and it will not be in vain.
    May God bless you both.


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