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Prevention is Better than Cure

‘Prevention is better than cure; Early detection saves life.’ You have heard these phrases repeated quite often especially during this month where the world focuses on breast cancer awareness.

Let us examine these expressions a little closer. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ simple means that it is better to take precautions before a bad situation occur. For example in the featured cartoon a mother tried to prevent her child from running over the cliff.

The child does not know her danger but the mother does and by protecting her she avoids her untimely death, grief and funeral expenses. The next part of the picture featured a man destroying the source of alcoholism before it destroys the person who drinks it.

You don’t have to wait until a disease affects you but you can prevent it. There are some diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure) and cardiovascular diseases that can be prevented by exercising healthy habits such as physical exercise, avoid smoking, eating nutritious food, maintaining a normal body weight, getting quality rest and have regular or yearly check up by your physician.








The cost of hospital bills, pain and suffering from those diseases are far greater than the initial cost it take to practice all the preventative methods.

It is believed that if you detect breast cancer at an early stage it will be easier to cure thus your prognosis is greater. Fear of the unknown is your greatest enemy so it is important that you learn how to get rid of the fear and take all the necessary precautions necessary to ensure that you are healthy and remain in good health. You can read more about early detection here.

I want to introduce you to another preventative method which will ensure that both your body and soul remain in excellent health. This method is found in Psalms 91.

The Psalmist claimed that if you dwell in the secret place of the most High God you will abide under his shadow. As long as you remain in this place you will receive some significant benefits. These include deliverance from fear and from all the other destructive spirits and trials of the enemy.

You will be able to stamp on the lion and the cobra snakes. These are deadly beasts but the scripture is not referring to the literal beasts. It is referring to their spiritual characteristics. The cobra is a highly venomous snake and the lion is known for its strength, cunningness and ferociousness.






Thus by living in this secret place you will have the courage and ability to destroy all the most poisonous and vicious spirits of the enemy. It does not matter how great and strong they are, they will be no match to you.

Another very important security that you will receive is protection against every perilous pestilence that travels in the night or day. As a matter of fact no plague will ever be able to come within your dwelling place or your house.

There are some very deadly plagues such as the Ebola virus that are raising their ugly heads in some parts of the world and they are driving fear in many people’s hearts. This psalm promised that you will be protected from all of those awful destructive epidemics when you dwell in this secret place. This place is emphasized twice in the psalms, in the first and ninth verse, so it is very significant.

What or where is this secret place?

Two other psalms also informed us about the secret place of the tabernacle of God that we can hide and find refuge. (Psalms 27: 5; 31:20). In the Old Testament we learned that in the tabernacle of Moses and in Solomon’s temple there was an inner room called the Holy Place where the Ark of the Covenant was kept behind a veil. The Lord dwells in this place and this is the place where the sanctified priest will enter to make atonement for the sins of the people.

The erection of the Tabernacle and the sacred vessels (exodus 40:17-19, from the 1728 figures de la bible.

The erection of the Tabernacle and the sacred vessels (exodus 40:17-19, from the 1728 figures de la bible.






God no longer dwells in tabernacle made of sticks and stones, he dwells in our hearts. But not in a heart that is filthy and corrupt. It must be pure. This is the new Holy Place which is also God’s secret place. Hence the secret place of God is an intimate relationship with him.

A relationship that is sincere, holy and bonded in love, humility and obedience. This is the place where you and I must be to receive all the benefits that God promised in Psalms 91. If you are not in this place get in it because prevention is better than cure.

So obey God’s word and come to him now. It does not matter how heavy and burdensome your sins are he will cleanse you and give you rest and full protection. Remember ‘to obey is better than sacrifice.’ The sacrifice might very well be your life.

You can learn more about forming a close relationship with God right here.

Additional references: Exodus 26:31-33; Matthew 11:28; Isaiah 1:18-20; Hebrews 8 -9; 1 Corinthians 3: 16-17; 1 Corinthians 6:12-20;

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