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Once a Man, Twice a Child!

We are appointed to die once, then after death is the judgment. Death is a surety, and this is our fate in life.

After birth you will become a child, then you will grow into man/womanhood once, but after you have grown old, is it your destiny to become a child again?

siblings-929939_640Is the following a true statement?

“Once a man, Twice a child!”

For many years, I thought that the above quotation was in the Bible until recently when I read the biblical prophecy, which stated that the elderly who abides in God’s presence will be fresh and flourish like the palm trees.

I began to question the validity of the above phrase because it appeared to be contrary to the Word of God.

My search for this phrase in the Bible was in vain.

I googled this old proverb and discovered that it was not biblical. It might have been a quotation by a rabbi, or it might have had its roots from one of Shakespeare’s play – Hamlet.

The phrase implies that old age will attract debilitating illnesses that will necessitate nursing care similarly to that of an infant.

Indeed, evidences of this are seen very often in the hospitals and nursing homes every day.

It is heartbreaking to see these elderly patients bedridden and helpless. They totally depend on their family and health care workers for their daily sustenance.

As a child, I often heard my mother praying for extended life to see her children pass the worst (meaning that they would become independent adults).

She also prayed that she would not become severely ill so that she was dependent on anyone to care for her.

I objected to the latter because I told her that it would be my privilege to care for her if she ever become ill.

I remembered her fanning away my objections in no uncertain way and shook her head in determination.

She would emphasize that she did not want to be a burden to any of her children and she was confident that the Lord would answer her prayers.

Sure enough, the Lord answered my mother’s prayers.

My mother lived until she was eighty-three (83) years old. She was able to cook for herself, manually washed her clothes and took care of her basic needs.

She did not suffer from any so-called ‘old age’ diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Her only complaints were abdominal cramps due to excessive gas. I believe that her stomach pain resulted from anxiety because she constantly worried about her children and grandchildren.

My mother died peacefully on June 30, 2008, while she was praying in the bathroom.

Prayer and Devotion by rasvan ionut/

Prayer and Devotion by rasvan ionut/

The bathroom has always been her quiet place to pray. She awoke at the break of dawn, read her Bible and then prayed in the bathroom.

The day before my mother died she washed her clothes and cooked her breakfast.

She was not ill neither was she a burden to any of her children or grandchildren. The Lord granted the desires of her heart.

I believe that the Lord’s desire for all of us is good health.

He wants us to live an abundant life free from the bondage of sin and diseases and we will receive these blessings when we continually dwell in God’s sanctuary.

An excellent example was Moses who lived one hundred and twenty (120) years.

Although Moses led an unruly and rebellious nation during his old age he never took a sick day.

Moses dwelled daily in the presence of God speaking with Him face to face to receive guidance and wisdom to lead the children of Israel. (See Exodus 33:11)

Consequently, Moses face shone with the glory of God.

And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses’ hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him.

And when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone; and they were afraid to come nigh him. (Exodus 34:29-30)

The glory of God kept Moses’ face bright and fresh and his body flourished with health and vitality.

When Moses died, his eyes were not dim, and his strength did not diminish.

I am grateful to God for my praying mother who lived a Godly and moral lifestyle.

I am reaping the benefits of her prayers and the legacy of her life.

“Once a man twice a child” has no biblical foundation, and it is totally against God’s principle. The word of God states:

When I was a child, I spoke as a child; I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. (1 Corinthians 13:11)

As an adult, you have to put away all things that pertain to childhood. These include immaturity and dependency. 

It is, therefore, imperative that you live a life of integrity and uprightness so that God can keep you fresh and in good health until He is ready to take you home. 

Bear in mind that sickness is not a result of sin and it can attack anyone at any time.

But, I truly believe that regardless of congenital or acquired diseases, God is able to strengthen and keep you during your golden years.

Let the motto over your life be: “Once a child; Once a man by the grace of God”

Do you have a similar story that you would like to share with our readers?

If you do, feel free to share it in the reply box below.

Additional References: Hebrew 9:27; Psalms 92:10-15; Psalms 37:4; Deuteronomy 34:1-8

Featured Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young/


  1. I am in total agreement with this! My mother who is 82 and has Alzheimer’s keeps saying this over and over claiming it’s in the Bible. I knew it wasn’t and found your article. I have always claimed the promise of Psalm 92 and of Moses vigor at the very end. I loved your testimony about your mom! This is my proclamation too over myself And my mom! Thanks for sharing.

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    • Dear Donna ,

      I thank you so much for sharing, i believe that too.

      Just reading about your mom, reminds me of myself, why? Because i feel the same way and i do tell my kids the exact same words….

      Its funny how i pray in the bathroom just like your mom used to.

      God plans are completely different from what we can imagine.

      Thank you once again i bet your mom was a lovely lady..

      Am 49 years old and am a mother of 3.

      Many blessings Donna

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      • Hi Nicole. Thank you for visiting and commenting on this post. I find myself praying the same prayer as my mom also. I pray that God will strengthen and bless you with long life to see your children grown and past the worst. God bless 🙌 you.


  2. Hi Donna
    Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. Many people have spoken those negative words
    over their lives. I have grown up hearing those words so often that I thought that they were in the bible.
    It was not until God told me to write that post that I learned otherwise.

    The words that we speak will bring us life or death. It is better to speak words of life and live. Moses walked to his grave. His eyes were not dim and he was not sick.
    Continue to proclaim those positive words and promises over yourself and your mom and I know without a shadow of doubt that God will reward you.
    May God continue to bless you and I am looking forward to hear from you again.


  3. so many times we accept the norms & sayings of our society as the will of God for our lives… but the purpose of any product is best described by the manufacturer in his manual! … God our creator’s plan is best known from His Word anything contrary shouldn’t be confessed into our lives!

    Thanks for this post! I always pray sound health for my mum too.

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  4. This piece is so pertinent to many of us. Thank you for posting it. My mother is much the same, yet I am concerned for her. She refuses to move close to any one of her children. She is fiercely independent and lives several states away from me. Her mobility is steadily declining and I pray for her daily. It is our responsibility to honor our parents and care for them in their elderly years. We who are in Christ have been delivered from the fear of death and brought into the abundance of God’s limitless supply. Good health is included in the package deal, however, God has appointed some people to suffer affliction in order to highlight His glory in them—people like Joni Erickson Tada and many others. Great post.


  5. Thank you, Sheldon, for your support. I appreciate it very much. The elderly are very independent, and we cannot take that away fro them. I suggest that you get someone to stay with her or check on her daily to ensure that she is okay. God bless you.


  6. Bless you sweet woman..It was lovely to read about your amazing faith journey and your childhood.. Thanks for the follow….How is the son that was born with a congenital heart disease.. is he ok? xox Jeane

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  7. I am not understanding this. Are you saying that if you’re sufficiently pious enough you will not be sick in your old age and dependent upon others? I never thought this statement was in the Bible–but it is very much true of many people’s experiences with aging.


  8. I don’t understand when you said ‘sufficiently pious’ but to answer your question I want to refer you to the story of Moses in Exodus. He worked for the Lord until he was very old yet he was not sick nor his eyes dim.
    I a saying if you take good care of your body spiritually and physically while spending quality time in the presence of God you will not reach the stage where you become a child once more.


  9. Thank you for this post. As I grow in my walk with Jesus and I mature in my faith I have realized that many of these sayings or “words of wisdom” are not Godly wisdom, but worldly wisdom. For I agree that I to always believed this was in the Bible. As I searched for it today due to some circumstances in our family’s life that has us dealing with a stubborn, childish mother-in-law (please do not take that the wrong way, I love her dearly yet the truth is the truth about her ways) I thought to myself that I needed to find where this is at in the Bible so I can see the full scripture that it goes with it for clarification. This is how I found your post, I googled it and found you and found the truth about the saying. Now I have spiritual clarification from God that this is not true but is a deception for Christians. If I was of the world I would believe that I have to honor my mother and father and accept the childish ways as they grow old. But no I do not have to accept their behavior because if they are truly a child of God and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, as I do then they would not act in such a selfish, childish way. We are not to be as babes on milk but are to be mature in our faith. We are to be peaceable, loving, not greedy, not selfish, we are to love our neighbor as ourself, to be kind hearted, and slow to anger. Not prideful and not arrogant, we are not to be a gossiper, but we are to be humble and quiet in spirit. My 84yr old mother-in-law who professes to be a Christian is doing the very things she ought not to do, instead of being mature in her faith she is instead still just a babe on milk. So in fact the worldly wisdom of “once a man twice a child” would be fitting of her, because truly her actions are no different than that of the worlds, which means she is not what she professes to be, a Christian. Truly my heart breaks for her and I still love her despite her childish ways and despite the conflict that my family faces on account of her actions. For God has ordained this day and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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    • Hi Lindsey. Thank you for pouring out your heart. I believe many people are battling with similar situation. I worked in the hospital for many years and I have seen how the children struggled with elderly parents. I often spend time to comfort and encourage them. Truly, it is not the will of God that a man should become a babe twice. Fortunately, my mom had that revelation and when I was a child her daily prayer was that she did not want to become a burden to her children. She lived to be 83 years old and was never seriously ill. She hand washed her entire clothes on Sunday morning, cooked her favorite breakfast of Ackee and salt-fish (Jamaica national dish) which incidentally is also my favorite, and she died the following Monday morning while having her devotion. The Lord answered her prayer and she was never a burden to her family. I thank God everyday for her. Continue to pray for your mother-in-law and I pray strength for you and your family. I also pray that God will give you patience to deal with her because you will definitely need it. May God bless you, and thank you again. I really appreciate your input.


  10. I remember learning in Hebrew school that we are born knowing everything there is to know, then God places a finger on our lips. We forget everything and are children once again. That is why we have a dent on our lips beneath our noses. I don’t know if this is in the Bible or in the Gemorrah, which is the Bible handed down by word of mouth. But I’ve never forgotten this.

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    • Hello Susanne. Thank you for visiting . I appreciate it very much. Very interesting information that you have learned. I believe that many of these stories that were handed down have deeper spiritual meaning. We just have to dig a little deeper and ask the Lord to reveal it to us. Have a blessed weekend.


  11. Hello,Thank you so much for writing this… I began to really dwell on this,Ad I take care of older people who has suffered from the disease of loosing their memory..
    And what we have heard growing up about once A Man twice a child is 1000%Contray to What God says.. If This was right, Then it would have affected, Moses,Abraham ,Sarah and so many others. IT IS AN AMAZING AND AWESOME THING TO GET IN A PLACE THAT YOU wanna go back to what you have been taught…To really know if it Lines up with what God says.. I pray that everyone who wanna know the truth will continue to seek God in everything that we do,say and have learned…

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    • Thank you my sister for this confirmation. We need to line up our lives with the word of God and do not accept the lies of the enemy. Have a great week in the Lord and continue to visit. I appreciate your support very much.


  12. Thank you so much for this article, the holy spirit has told me for a while without doing much research on this matter that “Once an adult, twice a child” is not biblically accurate when you turn from sin and follow God’s perfect will and perfect law in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior!! I’ve thought about diseases of the mind when it says in the Bible if you don’t turn from your sins and repent that God will turn you over to a reprobate mind. I knew by that in the Bible diseases of the mind has to correlate with just what it says. Thank you again for this article, this really electrified me when I read this. May God lead you on your path through Jesus and bless you the remainder of your days!! God Bless!!!

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    • I am glad to hear that this article was a blessing to you. Indeed it is God’s desire that we remain healthy and strong all the days of our lives. Enjoy the rest of your day.


  13. Thank you for the clarity of this cliche. I, too, always thought it was biblical.
    The fulfilling of your mother’s prayers is encouraging and uplifting.

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    • Hi Tressie. I am happy to know that this article has helped you. Many times we believe things that are not biblical. God is able to strengthen and keep you even when you are old. Thank you for visiting and sharing.


  14. Thank you for this post! I got goose bumps reading it because it was almost as if I was the author describing my own mother. She died ChristmasEve but the day before she too washed her clothes and cooked her breakfast and I found her unresponsive on the bathroom floor. I like the declaration you mentioned that I am”Once a child, once a Woman”

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    • Praise the Lord! Thank the Lord for the precious life of your dear mom. She travelled home to be with Lord without becoming a child again. Bless you and thank you for visiting and reading. Please continue to do so by subscribing. I appreciated it.


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