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You Will Always be Fresh and Flourishing!

The Lord has declared that He will exalt your horn as the wild ox. He will pour fine oil upon you. Your eyes will see the defeat of your adversaries and you will hear them run in defeat.

Be holy and righteous in the Lord so that you will flourish like a palm tree. You will grow like the cedar of Lebanon which is planted in the house of the Lord and you will thrive in His courts.

Your children will be a crown to you. You will receive a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit so that you will dream dreams and proclaim the name of the Lord, who is upright. He is your rock and there is no wickedness in Him.

You will bear fruits in your old age, and you will always stay fresh and flourishing.

A Prayer for You

Heavenly Father, we give you praise, and we glorify your name. We proclaim your greatness and bask in your splendor.

We thank you for giving strength to the old and feeble. We are grateful to you that you will not forsake them in their time of need so that they can make known your greatness throughout the world.

It is not a shame to be old because you said that grey hair is a crown of splendor, and it is attained by a righteous life.

We therefore ask your forgiveness if they have sinned against you and each other. Cleanse their hearts and teach them how to live a holy life so that they can flourish like the palm trees and continue to bear fruits for your kingdom.

Keep them Lord day by day and teach them to be patient, sober, respectful, self- controlled and steadfast so that they can be an example to their children.

Remove the spirit of anxiety, loneliness, and fear from their hearts and cover them with your love, joy, peace and contentment. In Jesus name Amen.

Prayer was taken from Proverb 16:31; Titus 2:1-2; Psalms 92: 10-15

The prophetic word was taken from Psalms 92:10-15, Joel 2:28, Proverb 17:6

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