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Pleasure in Your Old Age!

Is it possible to have pleasure in your old age? What kind of pleasure would you want in your old age? Do you want sexual pleasure or do you want the pleasure of giving birth to a child?

Sarah received all of those pleasures and more in her old age. She received the pleasure of restoration of her youth, the pleasure of sex and the pleasure of giving birth to a child. However, Sarah had given up on all of the above.

In fact she laughed when she heard the Lord reinforcing his promise of a child to Abraham. She laughed and said within herself,

“After I have grown old, shall I have pleasure, my lord (husband) being old also?”(Genesis 18:12).

This appeared quite impossible to Sarah. Well, old time people in Jamaica use to say,

“Fus’ laugh a nuh laugh. A las’ laugh a laugh.” Or He who laugh last, laugh the best.’

So the most important laugh is the last one and God had the last laugh because after Sarah gave birth to her son she called his name Isaac which means laughter.

Her son forever reminded her that God is still laughing at her unbelief. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? The answer is simply no. Things may be impossible for us humans but nothing is impossible for God.

The Lord promised all of us that we will have pleasure in our old age. The type of pleasure depends on you and the Lord. We will not receive the same type of pleasure because we are all different with different needs. But rest assure there is a pleasure from the Lord awaiting you.

Grandpa kissing his grand child by imagerymajestic/

Grandpa kissing his grand child by imagerymajestic/









Let us explore some of these pleasures that you can receive from God.

Pleasures from the Lord.

  • You can find pleasure caring for your grandchildren. Naomi received this pleasure from her daughter in law Ruth. My mother received this pleasure because she raised my sister’s two children until they were adults and she also help to look after my brother’s children.
  • You can find pleasure in full time ministering. We explored some of the various ways that you can work full time for God and you can read them here.
  • You can have the pleasure of having a loving husband or wife who adore you and cares for you.
  • You can also have the pleasure of being a foster parent or god parent to children who are in need.
  • You can have the pleasure of travelling and doing missionary work for God.

The list is endless because there are countless pleasures in God. You will need to seek the Lord so that he can guide you to the pleasure that best suits your need.

Do not laugh in unbelief! Simple believe and you will receive from the Lord pleasure in your old age.

Additional References: Genesis  18; Ruth 1-4

Featured image courtesy of Ambro/

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