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Unleash Your Full Potential!

As we become older sometimes we believe that we are also becoming useless. As a result we sometimes react to this feeling in negative ways. Some people continue to work harder even after they have retired while others just simple gave up on life to remain home and wait for death.

None of those things are what God plans for us in our old age. We are valuable to God as we become older because our main purpose is to show the strength of the Lord to the next generation and the power of the Lord to everyone that is to come (Psalms 71:18)

This is a tremendous responsibility which we should not take lightly. I thank God that at age forty-seven (47), he restored my talent and showed me the destiny that he had in store for me from before the foundation of this world. I am currently a work in progress towards the plan that he wants me to do for the next generation.

The Lord taught me that retirement does not mean that you are released from your job to stay home with nothing to do but wait for death. No! Retirement means that you retire from man’s secular job to begin full time work for God.

Work or retirement by Stuart Miles/

Work or retirement by Stuart Miles/







It is God’s desire that all of us work full time for him while we are young but he knows that we need to fulfill our duties while on earth. So he allows us to pursue our professional careers so that we can give our services to each other in order to fulfill our mandate on earth.

Our mission on earth that God gave us is to replenish, multiply and subdue or control. But after we have accomplished our duties we need to return to God so that we can fulfill the spiritual purpose that he has in store us.

Therefore as soon as we reach the age of fifty (50), if we do not know as yet our divine destiny, we need to seek God so that he will reveal it to us as this will be our post retirement work.

Full Time Ministry

Working full time for God does not necessarily mean that you will pastor a church or you will be a missionary or an evangelist.

Full time ministry can be sharing your testimony and the word of God on the internet through social media or by blogging. Blogging is a full time job and it is enjoyable and quite satisfying if writing is your passion.

You can also reach out to the young people in your church by inviting them to your homes on weekends or during the week days to teach them music, craft, cooking or anything that you are passionate about.

Teacher teaches guitar by worradmu

Teacher teaches guitar by worradmu






How about opening your homes to the children to help them with their home works and projects after school. This generation of children craves personal attention. During this time you can share the word of God with them.

If you like to be on the outside then you can distribute tracks on the street and at the supermarkets. Wherever there is a group of young men or women idling or just goofing off on the street side you can talk to them politely and share with them the word of God.

If you are a lover of plants and you have a large backyard you can cultivate some vegetables and herbs then distribute them to the needy. Remember working with plants will keep you healthy and strong.

The elderly homes, hospitals, orphanage always need people to visit them to pray and sing for them. This is also a full time work that you can do for God.

Donation of food to children by duron123

Donation of food to children by duron123






Fringe Benefits

While I was living in Jamaica there was an elderly brother at my church who was filled with the power and knowledge of God. He was not a pastor of a church, but that did not prevent him from preaching the word of God every week at the hospital.

He was very strong and was never ill. When the Lord was ready to take him home he did so while he was ministering to the sick at the hospital. He did not suffer nor was he in pain. He just went home to be with the Lord while he was working for God. Absent from the body and present with the Lord.

That is what God wants for all of us as we become older. He wants us to work full time for him and while doing so he will strengthen, provide for us and sustain us. We will be like Moses whose eyes did not grow dim nor his strength failed but he worked for God until his work was completed. Then he went home to be with the Lord.

Can you open your hearts and just trust the Lord today to fulfill the purpose he has for you? I pray that you will not sit at home to wait for death neither will you continue to work for man after retirement. Instead return to God and allow him to delegate the duty he has for you so that you can be a valuable mentor and teacher for this millennial generation.

Additional references: 2 Corinthians 5:6-8; Deuteronomy 34: 5-7; Genesis 1:28

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