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My Love

When I look at you,

The whole world falls apart.

When I think of you,

My entire body quivers with ecstasy.

alicia-key-885226_640When I see you,

I see the love light

Shining in your eyes –

The love that I long to see.

Oh come my love,

Just one more kiss

That would make my blood

Rush to my head;

And makes my heart

Tumble to my eyes.

Yes! I can feel your hands

On my cheeks, over my face –

My body…

Oh God!

This is true love

Let it never depart from us.

Beverley Wright (1980)

The above poem was written by me when I was only fifteen years old.

As a teenager, I use to dream about love a lot. I wanted to experience love and passion and so I use to read many fairy tales and romance books. I would imagine the perfect man that I would meet and fall in love. As you can guess, this perfect man’s image and characteristics were similar to the characters in my romance books.

romance book

The friends that I had in high school also enjoyed the same books that I did, and so we would often exchange books and discuss the protagonists of the stories.

We would also talk about relationships, love, and marriage. In spite of our burning desire to experience love our motivation to have a good education and a professional career was stronger. Hence, we would focus on our school lessons while only dream of love.

I had a passion for writing and so I expressed my emotions in my poetry and letters to my diary. A year ago I found some of my old journals and poetry books that I had as a teenager.

I was simply astounded, to say the least when I read how strong my faith in God was at that young age. I was also amazed at how powerful my emotions were about love.

I was able to contain my curiosity about sex and love because of my strong faith in God and because I found the avenue of writing to release my feelings. I want to encourage you to do the same.

You will have sexual desires and strong feelings to be loved and to love someone. They are not abnormal. They are part of growing up, and you must have those feelings. It is a normal anatomical function of your body.

However, you can control those feelings so do not rush into a relationship at your tender age. Wait; but while you are waiting, allow God to be your father and friend. You can also release your feelings in writing, music, sports or any other hobbies that you love.

This week I will share with you some of my other poems about love so stay in touch by following this blog. Share your thoughts on love because we want to hear from you.

Images courtesy of Pixabay

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