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Beauty Can Come Out Bold: Bold


There are times when we all feel like we can’t do what others do because we don’t have their type of courage, but deep down inside we feel like we can do it. We often wonder which voice is right. We can do what we feel takes too much courage to do. We can take that microphone and sing in front of the large crowd standing before us, but we don’t have that courage to do it. We often wonder how many of our favorite celebrities could do it, but do you know that even they are sometimes nervous? Yes, they are. They, too sometimes wonder where they are going to get that courage from.

You are probably wondering how that could be possible. It is. They listened to the voice that told them that they could to it. They believed in it so much that it became more than just a voice, it became a drive. You have that drive too. You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I know that sometimes it may be hard to go up there and I’m not denying that I have never felt that way where I had to be bold but the thing is that in life if you’re not bold enough to step out, you may never find the courage.

There will be a time where you must step out whether you like it or not and that is the time when you must tell yourself that you can do it. You must tell yourself that you have to get it done. Trust me, sooner or later when you believe in yourself you will be driven to do it because you have encouraged yourself to make that choice.

The Choice You Have to Make

At times, we all have to make choices. Some of them are very easy, you can see which is right and which is wrong clearly, some are a bit more difficult. It is a matter of using what you have learned and determining whether the choice you are about to make is right or wrong. We as girls, usually base our choice on emotions not necessarily on the truth of what we’re seeing.

I don’t wish that any girl should be like that. I don’t want them to be clueless about the choice they’re about to make in life. I want them to know exactly what choice they’re about to take. This all tie in with being bold. Sometimes you have to say no. and you may have to say it alone. Why would you say no? There are various reasons in why you’d say no.

You must first acknowledge wrong and right. The wrong things may be tempting to do but you must see yourself as a woman with value, a woman with respectable status and you must see yourself with worth in the eyes of the Creator. There are times when others may not see your worth. Sometimes you may not see your worth, but you must recognize it and you must recognize what is wrong and what is right. You must never at any time choose wrong because the crowd is choosing it.

Sometimes you have to be the leader— the one to set the example so that others could follow. You may not see the necessity of it now but later on in life you will look back and see that you made the right choice. I’m not saying you’re going to make the right choice every time but if you do ever make the wrong choice; it is your responsibility to learn from it and move on. Consequences may follow but always remember that our Creator would never give us more that we can bear and it is His will that you learn from your punishment so that you can move on and become a better person in life.

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