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Righting the Wrong

‘And then at night, between the sheets he wrongs the girl to right the wrong.’

The above is an excerpt from the poem, The Lady’s–Maid Song by John Hollander.

I came across this poem coincidentally last year while I was going through my son’s English textbook (A World of Poetry for CXC). The book fell opened on the page with this poem.

According to the poet, when Adam found that one of his ribs was missing he became angry and resented the ‘creature’ whom God used his bone to create.

“When Adam found his rib was gone/ He is cursed and sighed and cried and swore.” This resentment led to bitterness and sorrow. As a result, he blamed all his discontent in life on the woman. The men dissatisfaction continued throughout each generation where men tried to destroy womankind because they are seeking vengeance for the ‘missing bone.’

Men gained their revenge by showering women with flattering words of conceit in the day to get them in bed at night where he wrongs the girl to right the wrong.

In other words, the man used incorrect methods to solve his problems. After all ‘two wrongs do not make a right.’ Even though men appeared to admire the attractive anatomy of women his sole intention is to regain the rib that he had lost in the beginning by whatever means necessary.


The poem is well written, and it is fun to read. However, the underlying meaning is very significant because in reality there have been a tremendous amount of domestic abuse and violence against women by men.

According to the Bible, Adam received his wife from God with gratitude and joy, not resentment. When God took the woman to him, he immediately exclaimed, “this is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man!” (Genesis 2:23).  He recognized the woman as part of himself.

The resentment came after the deception that originated with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). I do not believe that vengeance for a missing rib instigates the aggression against women, but it is a direct result of the spirits of deception and pride that the enemy used to infiltrate the hearts of men.

This deception from the enemy has been passed down the corrupted bloodline of humanity from generation to generation. It is now full time that we break this generational curse and reclaim the truth of God’s work that He created in the beginning.

I experienced this ‘revengeful saga’ in my marital life. The Lord cleansed and healed me when He took me back to the beginning in the Garden of Eden and showed me the original man and woman that He created. He also explained to me His initial plan that He had for us before we allowed the enemy to feed us with deception and lies.

Even though I do not consider myself an acclaimed poet such as John Hollander, I wrote what God showed me in the form of a poem:

Protector of the Heart

Man with all his fundamental attributes

Was created by the hands of the Almighty;

Molded and shaped into a reflection of the Creator.

Though perfect in every form;

The Creator remained dissatisfied.

Alone in Paradise would not be good;

A companion for man was going to be required.

So while man slept,

The Creator removed a rib from his side

To improve his perfection.

A single bone was weaved and remodeled

Into the framework of Woman;

To be the Protector of his heart.

Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh!

Inseparable was God’s intention;

Fruitfulness was a guaranteed blessing;

Multiple and replenish!

Rule and conquer!

Were their direct command.

But in delinquency Adam lapsed

Which weakened the bond,

Which strengthened the Beguiler

Who swindled and seduced;

Trapping them in a world of implications and accusations;

From generation to generation to generation to generation…

Stop! It ended!

Judgment received mercy on the day it was executed.

Total redemption by the Son of the Creator –

The Word – the Alpha!
Who was present at the beginning

Man! You have been reinstated!

Man of Power and Authority!

God created man to be the ruler of the earth, but he could not do it alone, so God created woman from the bone of man. Why did God choose a bone instead of flesh? Why did God use a rib from his side instead of a bone from his finger, arm or leg? The answers to these questions are very significant, and so we need to look at the definition and components of bone.

A bone is the hardest and more substantial part of the body. It is made up of mostly calcium and phosphorous. Bones are not dry and lifeless tissues because they consist of nerves and blood vessels.

The bone also consists of the bone marrow that produces blood cells, and it also has DNA information. The essential functions of the bone are to provide structural support for the body; they provide strength and flexibility, and they protect the body’s most delicate organs such as the brain, heart, lungs and liver.

This last function is unique to the ribs that form the framework of the thorax thus protecting the lungs and heart. The construction and features of the bones are what constitute a woman, and that was the reason God called her a help meet for man (Genesis 2:18).

The term ‘help meet’ does not mean a helper or an assistance. One of the meanings of help is improvement. Therefore, a woman is an improvement to man.

She was created to be his structural support thus providing him with strength, flexibility and protection. She is man’s equal because the rib was taken from the side of man’s thorax and so this is the place where she is designed to be.

It is important that when a man gives his heart to a woman, she should protect it as if it is her own. She should not trample on it or throw it to the dogs as this will leave a devastating effect on a man. Many of these men became promiscuous was as a result of a broken heart in the past.

It is now time that we learned the truth of God’s word. Let us recognize and destroy the plots of the enemy and let us take back our original position on this earth. A position of command where we treat each other with love and respect. A man of truth and integrity is in your DNA.



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