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The Supremacy of God

When God begins to move and operate, if it does not fit into the status quo of man’s definition sometimes he rejects it. Always remember God is no respecter of any person. He does as he pleases because he is the Supreme Being. He is a God of wrath but his mercy overrides his wrath. Therefore, it is important that if you are experiencing the wrath of God or persecution from the enemy, plead to him for mercy and he will have compassion on you. He will forgive and save you.

Throughout my life, God has shown me abundant mercy in spite of my shortcomings. As a young lady in my twenties, I thought that marriage was the answer to cure my loneliness and to give me stability. I had a precise definition of the man that I wanted to marry, so when I thought I found him, I took him to God and ask  him to bless our marriage. He did, even though he did not make the choice for me.

When persecutions began at the very beginning of my marriage I ran to God for escape but he told me to stay within the marriage for a particular time because the trials and persecutions would only make me stronger.

We endured many trials together but when both of our children were born each came with a message from God. The last child came with the stronger message and a warning from God, but we missed it. The message was for us to heal our broken hearts and God would heal our child’s broken heart. We were too caught up in our conflict and resentment to recognize the obvious.

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Image courtesy of

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Image courtesy of

Our son was diagnosed at birth with congenital hypoplasia of one of the ventricles of his heart along with many other defects in his heart. You can read about Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome here. There is also another congenital heart defect which is similar and it is called: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. You can read more about it here.

We were told by the Cardiologist that our son would need to do several surgeries in order to repair his heart. But refused to do surgery because we said that God would miraculously heal our baby without medical intervention.

We were told by the Cardiologist that our son would need to do several surgeries in order to repair his heart. But we refused to do surgery because we said that God would miraculously heal our baby without medical intervention. At that time, we thought that we were making this decision based on faith but when the years passed and our baby was not healed we began to blame each other’s lack of faith.

We thought that we knew God and we had a clear cut definition of how he should work. We did not understand then that God did not operate based on man’s standard. He works base on his divine power and authority.

The heart condition caused our son to be severely cyanotic because of the poor oxygen supply to his body. He was undernourished and weak. He could not walk long distances and he was often breathless with rapid breathing and a pounding heart. The doctor told us that he would not live long without surgical intervention.

However, God preserved our son for ten years without the surgery. 

It took me ten years to realize that our decision not to have surgical intervention was based on FEAR, not FAITH. God literally taught me the difference between both and showed me that he did not operate in the presence of fear because fear is a spirit from the enemy which will trap and torment you. After I eradicated fear from my life I made the decision to allow my son to have the full surgery to repair his heart.

Fontan procedure to correct Left hypoplastic heart syndrome. Image courtesy of

Fontan procedure to correct Left hypoplastic heart syndrome. Image courtesy of

I must admit that it was impossible for me to look after my son without the help of my husband. My husband was instrumental in his care and nourishment. He gave him the proper natural diet that sustained him. He was also the main person who carried him around at school and home because he could not walk by himself.

Both of us chose a day in the week in which we fasted and prayed for the health of our son. We also received moral support and prayers from our church brothers and sisters, friends and family at home in Jamaica and in Tortola. Everyone who met our son fell in love with him and they constantly asked about his health. I will forever be grateful to them for their prayers.

You would think that having such a sick child should strengthen our marriage, but it did not. Even though, we both went through the same pain and agony of hospitalizations and poor prognosis that did not reinforce our marriage but only drove us apart.

We did not realize this was a trap of the enemy and we fell right into it. Our marriage continued to deteriorate and even when God healed our child through surgical intervention at age ten, our marriage continued a downhill slide until separation was the only alternative.

It was God’s intention to have us separated and returned to him individually so that he could heal our broken hearts removing all the bitterness and resentment and then he would bring us back together again.

The key is for each of us to surrender to the plan of God even though it may not have been how we planned it. My husband wanted us to stay together and fight it out, but this was not God’s plan. He wanted us to return to him individually and to start over again from the beginning  -(Righting the Wrong).

When I moved out of the matrimonial home I returned to God and he healed my broken heart cleansing all the dirt and bitterness. The Lord also showed me the plan that he had for me from before the foundation of the world and he began to teach me his words line upon line and precepts upon precepts.

My husband, on the other hand, would not surrender to God’s plan and he allowed the enemy to continue to use him to try to destroy me. But the enemy could not touch me because God planted a hedge of protection around me.

I survived a traumatic separation because I surrendered to the authority of God and allowed him to heal my brokenness.

I hope that my testimony will encourage you to always surrender to the supremacy of God even when his plans might not be your plan.

The Book of Job is about a man who lived a righteous life, but God allowed the enemy to strike him. It was not until he surrendered to the supremacy of God that he was restored. Read a synopsis of the story of Job here.

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  1. This is obviously a journey, the end of which none of us can see as yet. Still, it is good to know that the God who has started you on this path to discovery of who you are in Him, will be with you until the very end.

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  2. Thank you for your wonderful words. The good news is that God has shown me the end and believe me my latter days are much greater than my former. Continue to follow my blog because great things are in store for all of us.

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  3. Bev, I thank God for you and the journey He has taken you on. He is awesome and the praises go to Him. This is a truly amazing story and I rejoice with you as you look to God. Keep on being strong. As someone with my own trials too, the Lord is teaching me the meaning of Helpmeet/helpmate. It is not a helper’s position or inferior position but one of authority where we literally go under our husbands with our wings of prayer and lift them up and wrench/take them by force from the enemy who seeks to destroy them. We can only do this when we ourselves have allowed the Lord to strengthen us. We then take the challenge to the enemy because we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.

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  4. Hi Jennifer
    I am truly happy to have you on my blog. Throughout the years that I have known you I have always been inspired by your strength and dedication to God. I have also admired the manner in which you literally tried to obey God’s word in-spite of your situation and for those reasons I know that God is blessing and keeping you.

    For many years I struggled with the meaning of ‘help meet’ and the role I have as a wife to my husband.
    I do not know if you remembered the prophetic word that the wife of Apostle John had declared over my life one Sunday morning at JFOB. She said that I struggled with the role of a help meet and the brethren need to teach me.

    You all tried to teach me but I never understood the meaning of that word. It was not until the Lord took me under his wings in 2011 that he explained my role has a help meet to my husband.

    The revelation was astounding and it simple changed my entire view to marriage and men. I realized the tremendous responsibility that God has given to the men and how much they need to be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that they will take care of their wife and family in obedience, humility and integrity.

    Our duty as a wife is simple to submit but we can only submit to the spirit of Christ who lives within their hearts. The spirit of God will never bow to any spirits of the enemy.

    God has a great plan for my life from before the foundation of the world and he was not going to allow any man, woman or things to stop his plans. They must come to pass.

    This blog is only the beginning and I hope that you will continue to follow it in order to see the fulfillment of God”s plan on my life. I love you and I miss you. Give my regards to your husband and I look forward to hear from you soon.


  5. Dear Bev, blessings to you. I realized that the Lord is using your experiences as well as my own experiences for His glory. We go through some things as part of the learning process so that we can strengthen others. I do remember some of your own challenges and some of the various ways in which the Lord would want to direct you. Some things are better learnt by the revelation of the Spirit of God as He is doing to you on this journey. I do remember some of those words to you, but sometimes they are not easily grasped until one becomes desperate or hungry as was your case.

    The Lord is leading me on a similar but different path so that I can assist some of His daughters to know that He is their Ishi/man/husband. Too many of God’s children are in bondage and He wants them to be loosed and set free.

    I encourage you to stay on course and be in the will of the Lord as you continue to pray and seek His face. The Egyptian which you see today. you will see them again no more as you wait upon God and follow His leading.

    I must say that I have been strengthened by the Lord to continue serving Him.

    Blessings to you and family.

    All praises to His name.

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    • Thank you Sister Jennifer for those precious encouraging words. They are truly on time.

      A few months ago the Lord told me to cross over ‘Jordon’ and I obeyed him. However there are many many giants in the land and I rushed back to God terrified.

      “Are you sure?” I asked him and his reply was, “Yes, I am sure but I will go before you like a consuming fire to destroy the giants.”

      The Lord has now used you to send me another message which is: “The Egyptians that I see today, I will see them again no more.”
      Thank you Jennifer for allowing the Lord to use you mightily. The prophetic anointing of God is on your life which was evident during those memorable years at JFOB.

      I hope that one day we will meet and talk and I also hope that you will be able to contribute to this blog by sharing your work with women who are in bondage. I am requesting your permission to use the above prophetic words as the title for one of my post.
      God bless you.


      • Thanks Bev. You are such a blessing. I will contribute to your blog as the occasion allows. Continue to be the oil and the wine and allow the Lord to pour into you so that you can pour into others .

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  6. Reblogged this on Becoming the Oil and the Wine and commented:

    One of the key ingredients to obtain abundant life is to surrender to the power and authority of God. Allow him to lead and direct you.
    The following post is a reblog of my testimony of how I learned to surrender to the supremacy of God.


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