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The Tedious Work Of A Pastor

After listening to a rather long and tedious sermon, a five-year-old boy asked his father what the preacher did the rest of the week.

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His father said, “He’s very busy taking care of church business, visiting the sick and doing other similar work. He also needs to rest up because giving a sermon isn’t easy.”

The little boy responded, “Well, listening to a sermon isn’t easy either.”

Source: Maaw

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  1. Love it, I agree when I have been an Interim Pastor and preaching week after week on Sunday afternoons I was ready for a nap (lol) there is so much to do between meetings, visiting the sick and people from the congregation and writing a sermon can and does take many hours as well as continue with your education classes and more important one needs to be in prayer for the Lord to lead you when you do preach. I have been bless as our Lord has use me this way. I will be sharing on my page as well.

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    • Indeed, a pastor’s work is certainly hard. It is not just about preaching a Sunday morning. There is more that is involved. Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience. I will certainly visit yours.

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