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Are You Numbering Your Days?


So teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalms 90:12)

Why should we number our days?

Before Jesus departed from the earth He promised to prepare a place consisting of many mansions for His people in His home in heaven so that we will literally be with Him forever.

Mansions refer to an everlasting dwelling place where we will be one with the Lord. Only those who are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb will inherit this glorious place.

However, Jesus is also preparing another place to punish the deceiver, devourer, and accuser of the brethren – the devil and his angels.

This is a place of darkness and unquenchable fire.

This horrific place was not prepared for humans who are created in God’s image and likeness.

However, anyone who has rejected God’s free garment of salvation and chose to change into the image and likeness of the devil and his angels will join them in their fate.

The Lord is encouraging us to number our days or to prepare our lives on earth to receive the wonderful inheritance that He is preparing for us.

Are you prepared?



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