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Untold Stories

Do you have an untold story buried deep inside of you that you hope to record in a book someday?

If you have, I pray that you will find the time and the courage to release it from your system.


Here are five tips to release the story that is bubbling inside of you.

1. Pray

Yes, pray that God will give you the courage to tell your story.

Your story might be so painful that you do not want to re-live the agony when you share it. Pray that God will comfort you as you tell your story.

2. Make the time

Re-organize your schedule and set apart a time during the week to write. Don’t try to edit during these times just simply write.

3. Be intentional

Be determined that you will tell your story and do it.

4. Have faith

Believe in your ability to write and above all have faith in God that He who began a good work in you will complete it.

5. Remain focus

Don’t be distracted by negativity.

Photo by Maegan Martin on Unsplash

Jeremiah had a burning story from God inside of him. It was a warning of impending judgment to the Israelites.

However, Jeremiah decided that he will not tell his story because his stories or prophecies were always about doom and destruction and the people were tired of hearing them.

They chased him away and welcomed the other prophets who told them wonderful stories of wealth and fame.

Jeremiah was tired of being ridiculed and so he decided to take a break.

But the story burned within his body. In fact, he said it was like a fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ shut up within his bones.

Jeremiah was in severe agony because of his untold story.

The only way to get a release from his suffering was to tell his story.

Jeremiah did not care how much the people taunted him as long as he was getting that burning story out of his system.

Would you believe that all of Jeremiah’s prophetic words (stories) came to pass while all the other prophecies by the false prophets fell by the wayside because they were not coming from God?

Get your story out!

Don’t let it burns away your soul.

God has given you that story for such a time as this.

So, release it because many people need to be delivered by your testimony.

God bless ๐Ÿ™Œย you as you tell your story.

Do you have a story?

Share with us.


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