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Find Your Place

The place where God wants you to be.

Where is the place that God wants you to be?

Do you believe that you are in this place?Joyce-Meyer-I-may-not-be-where-I-want-to-be-but-thank-God-I-am-not-where-I-used-to-be-686x440

God wants you to be in a place of unity with your fellow brethren and family.

He wants you to be in a place of peace and contentment.

God wants to take you out of Egypt and into your Promised Land.

 Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. (Exodus 23:20)

The Lord wants you to be in a holy place so take off your shoes from your feet because the place where you are standing is holy ground.

God wants to take you from the place of Massah and Meribah and into the place of Bethel.

God wants to take you out of darkness and into His marvelous light.

God wants you in a place called Jehovahjireh (Genesis 22:14).

God wants you in a place called Mahanaim and Peniel because He wants you in His camp to behold the beauty of His face (Genesis 32:2,30).

Are you in the right place?


  1. Amen. I often find that I want to rush this journey and be at the end. God has been showing me lately that the journey is just as important as the place I think of as the end of the road. The longer I am on the trip to Heaven the more I question whether that is really the end or just the beginning.


  2. Very thought provoking question. Sometimes I feel I am in the right place other days I question it. But I try to remember God is working all things together for good. Thanks Beverley ❤️

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    • I felt like that sometimes. But as long as God is with you, you are in the right place for that season. When I read your last post and a few other bloggers’ post I realized that God is confirming His Word that He wants us to be in a place of rest in green pastures as you state in your post.

      This post including last month’s posts and this month were all scheduled a month ago because I was traveling for a few days. My son just completed his second year in college and I went to help him packed away his things. Have a great day.

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