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Patient Man Rides Donkey


Impatience can cause wise people to do foolish things (Anonymous)

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There is a Jamaican proverb that states, “Patient man rides donkey.”

Because donkeys are usually stubborn and difficult to handle it will take only a man with patience to ride a donkey.

The proverb also means that if you are patient you will succeed in any difficult situation.

Warning: If you are impatient, don’t try to ride a donkey.

Balaam became very irritated when his donkey refused to obey him.

The donkey saw an angel with a sword in his hand blocking his path and refused to proceed. Unaware of the danger, Balaam angrily struck his donkey.

God gave the donkey speech to warn Balaam of the adversary in his path.

If Balaam was more patient he would have recognized that something was wrong due to the unusual behavior of his donkey. (See Numbers 22).

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit that God wants us to develop. The trying of our faith will lead to patience (James 1:2-8)

The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. (Ecclesiastes 7:8B)

The Lord rewards those who wait patiently on Him.

You will inherit the best things in this life and eternal life when He returns.

render to each

I pray that you will continue to walk in patience and obedience to God.

Have a blessed and favor-filled day!


  1. I love that proverb! I have wasted too much time when I was younger beating donkeys! I am so glad the Lord has allowed me to tire myself enough to learn that going slowly in His direction is much better than running fast away from His will!

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  2. Patience is something we should practice daily. And it is a perfect way to show the love of God to others. God is so patient with us. Thanks my friend for this message. ❤️

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