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The Issue of Race Part Three: Describing Skin Color

The following post is a reblogged of the third part in the series of how to deal with race and ethnicity when describing your characters in your novel by Nickay – The Pink Ravyn Writes.

In this post, Nickay focussed on how to expertly describe the skin color of the characters in your novel.

She has also included color charts that can help writers choose the appropriate words that best reflects skin tone without using terms such as black, white or hispanic.

Personally, I found the charts quite enlightening and I know they will be of significant help to writers.

The Pink Ravyn Writes

Dear Lovelies,

Last blog we went through the meaning of race and its importance (or non-importance) in fiction writing. After going through a lengthy discussion on the difference between race and ethnicity, and why race is not a biological component of a person, I think it’s imperative to say that character description is still necessary.

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