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Jesus’ Reaction To Social Injustices

If Jesus was on earth today how would He deal with the social injustices in our society?

Would He be one of the great civil rights leaders to organize marches to demand freedom and justice?

At our church’s Saturday morning devotion on Zoom, we looked at Matthew 14:22-36. This passage relates the incident when Jesus walked on the water.

The scripture highlights the importance of having faith in God in the midst of a storm or crisis.

When we keep our eyes on Jesus the turbulent waves cannot overcome us.

The storm on the sea of Galilee by Rembrandt – 1632

When Jesus is in your boat all the storms in your life will be calm.

But as I read through the entire chapter I was amazed to see how it speaks to what is happening right now in the USA.

We are all aware of the racial uprising that is taking place in the USA.

The racial tension was always present in the USA and in other countries, but it became magnified after the world watched the brutal murder of a helpless black man by a white policeman.

The man was crying out for help, but his life was mercilessly snuffed out.

The incident was videotaped and broadcasted on the media for the world to see.

When I saw the horrific incident I knew immediately that this was a setup.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

There was a deeper underlying evil agenda of the enemy to instigate a civil war in the USA, which would further destabilize the economy and possibly spread to the entire world just as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread to the world.

The incident generated different reactions from many people around the world.

Most people have shown their distaste against racial discrimination and police brutality by demonstrating in peaceful protests across the nations.

Others are voicing their sorrow and outrage on the various media platforms while others who are part of the government and judicial system are working hard to change laws and put in place policies to remove racial injustices and provide equality for all people.

Many people are also praying.

Some people may want to disregard prayer saying that they are tired of praying and it is time to take up arms and go out on the street.

But will the violence change anything?

If you should round up all the wicked people in the world, and God forbid, kill them all or lock them in prison and throw away the keys, will this stop discrimination and other forms of evil?

Unfortunately, it will not!

You can kill the flesh, but you cannot kill the bad spirits.

After the flesh died the evil spirits will find another person to infiltrate and continue their wickedness.

I am not bashing the peaceful protests because they also serve a vital role and we can see the effects of the freedom fighters and civil rights movements throughout history.

Read also: Black and white! Will there ever be any shades of grey? 

The news media showed how the peaceful demonstrations in several cities were hijacked by various factions and groups with evil agenda.

A police station and nearby businesses were set ablaze on Thursday, the third night of protests in Minneapolis.Credit…Kerem Yucel/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. NY Times

They violently attacked the police, killing innocent people, destroying and looting business places, burning buildings, etc.

The governor of Minnesota was forced to call in the National Guards to try to control the violence that had broken out in the city.

He stated that the situation in Minneapolis was no longer about the murder of George Floyd but was about attacking civil society, instilling fear, and disrupting the cities (NY

Note that he stated, “instilling fear.”

The primary motive of the enemy is to create fear in the hearts of people by generating chaos, confusion, and violence.

This was a similar situation during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The true intentions of the people’s protest for justice for George Floyd’s death appeared lost in the violent uprising.

Is there a better way to deal with injustices in society?

Jesus’ reaction to injustices 

Let us look at how Jesus would react in these situations of blatant injustices.

In the first part of chapter 14 of Matthew, we saw how John the Baptist was viciously beheaded by king Herod to please the daughter of his evil unlawful wife, Herodias.

John The Baptist was a powerful prophet of God who the people loved and revered (Matthew 21:25-26).

He prepared the way for the Messiah by proclaiming that the kingdom of God was at hand and everyone needed to repent.

John also spoke against injustices and immorality within the government and for those reasons, he was violently murdered.

Knowing how Peter was quick to pull out His sword to defend Jesus at the time of His arrest, I am sure that he wanted to do the same when he heard of John’s death.

Jesus along with Peter and the other disciples could have formed an army of violent protestors to instigate an insurrection against the government.

Jesus could have summoned battalions of angels to fight against the Roman empire and re-establish the Jewish kingdom.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:9)

But Jesus does not react similarly to men. His thoughts and ways are higher than ours.

The vicious murder of John the Baptist, an innocent man, was a blatant attack against the Kingdom of God.

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent takes it by force (Matthew 11:12).

Jesus demonstrated to us His “violent” way of ensuring that the wicked did not and will never ever be able to capture or conquer the Kingdom of God.

Although Jesus was in deep distress about the horrific situation, He calmly instructed His disciples to collect the body of their beloved prophet and bury him peacefully.

Then He tried to escape to the wilderness where He could be alone, but the multitude of people followed Him.

I believe that the people followed Jesus at the time not just to receive miracles or to hear His teachings, but perhaps hoping that He would formulate a plan of attack against the oppressive regime.

The Bible states that when Jesus saw the multitude of people He was moved with compassion.

Whatever the reasons that the people followed Jesus into  the wilderness, He only saw and recognized their needs.

The people needed the Good Shepherd to lead them beside still waters.

They needed the Good Shepherd to protect them against the evil forces of the enemy.

They needed the Good Shepherd to restore their souls and lead them on the path of righteousness.

The people needed the Good Shepherd to feed them with the living bread from heaven and anoint them with oil of gladness.

But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. (Matthew 9:36)

So Jesus catered to their needs by healing them of their diseases and feeding them with spiritual and physical food.

Then Jesus escaped into the mountains away from the multitude, away from His disciples to pray.

The Lord Jesus Christ wanted to wage war with the spiritual forces of evil and the best way to do this is through deep prayer and intercession.

So Jesus prayed through the three watches of the night, which began at 6pm, and on the fourth watch He got up from His knees triumphantly to walk victoriously on the water.

This was a walk of victory!

Read The victory walk.

Jesus conquered the forces of evil in the spiritual realm through prayer.

He conquered fear, pride, anger, murder, deception, racial and other forms of discrimination, social unrest and injustices, and even death.

Then He arose victoriously to thread upon the enemy.

The Lord Jesus Christ passed on this victory to all of us at the fourth watch of the night.

He wants us to receive this victory by keeping our eyes fixed on Him in spite of the turmoil around us.

The Lord wants us to invite Him into the boat with us so that He can calm the storms that rise up in our lives.

Never underestimate the power of prayer because this is the weapon that we have to use in these trying times to conquer the forces of evil in the spiritual realm.

May God have mercy upon us that we will follow the example of Jesus to walk in victory at the fourth watch of the night.

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Thank you for reading, but before you leave, share with us your thoughts on how Jesus would react to injustices.



  1. Good post Beverley, good points at a difficult time. Not sure how to give a short response to your request but will say this: Jesus did not come to address injustice. If He did, He could have done plenty against the Roman oppression and abuse of the Jews.
    He said “My Kingdom is not of this world” In fact, many of our brethren around the world suffer horrifying injustices – God does not intervene but strengthens them in martyrdom.
    If we invest too much heart and energy into fighting the injustice of this temporal world we may well miss the high call of God upon our lives. THAT would be an eternal loss.
    God bless you sister.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thank you Lisa. You have shed some valuable insight on this topic. While we live in this world there will always be injustices. I don’t think the Lord will want us to remain passive and accept every oppression that is thrown at us. We need to fight back, but it must be done with the wisdom of God. Thanks again and have a blessed day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Righteous indignation is beyond our comprehension, but we learn by study and observation. The rope in the hands of Jesus would have been the war implements used in these days. Without shedding blood, yet releasing anger in a violent mode, turning over the tables of the money changers – the point was driven deep in the hearts of all watchers; Never a man spoke as He, never a man loved as He, even for His own rebellious nation. In tears, He knew the rejection, but deadly force would not work the repentance needed in the heart of humanity then or now.

        Thanks for these thoughts.

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      • Praise the Lord! The Lord Jesus Christ is unique in all aspect. He is the living example of the verse that said “Be ye angry and sin not” (Ephesians 4:26)


  2. Indeed, the closer we are to Him the further we get from feeling overwhelmed and hopeless..I feel so sorry for those who don’t have their hope placed in Him!! Praying right along with you!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Yes, it is easy to get overwhelm in this world, but thank God we have a Saviour who was touch by our infirmities and overcome. We can have this victory through Him. Thank you and have a bless day.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Amen. You hit on the heart of the issue. I believe Jesus indeed demonstrated the ultimate answer to every injustice there ever has been or will be. While we as humans get bogged down in the temporal struggles wrought by our sin, He shows us the answer lies only in Him. If we would but listen, He is yet speaking to us on how to handle injustice all the time. It’s right there in His word and His example. Thanks for sharing this needed post with us. Blessings to you!

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  4. I’m sure George Floyd was praying for that cop to get off of his neck while he was murdered in the streets for being black. It’s hard to stay peaceful and prayed up when racial injustices have been going on throughout time. Anger is a phase of grief.

    I do agree that violence does not stop the spirits that cause people to be racist, but it may make their physical being think twice. That’s what this younger generation is on right now. I find myself questioning Christianity as a whole because it is a religion of my oppressor and used as the standard of America.


    • It is sad that you believe that Christianity is a religion of the oppressors. A true relationship with God is not about religion. It is about love, peace and freedom. There is nothing wrong with having a peaceful protest, but violence never change anything. That is why we are constantly having wars in this world. I appreciate your input.

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    • And just what religion is it that the oppressor has – it’s not that of He who came and by common speech, rebuked the greatest religions of His and this day for sure. Religion is not of bricks, mortar, pulpits, and large assemblies.

      Only a direct relationship with God enables us to know and live truth; Jesus had that kind of love and faith, trusting only in His Father. Name whatever religious faith or belief, there is no name under the sun, whereby mortal human beings can possess the spiritual life that will transform us to be like Him.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello Ms.NM. I was referring to my ancestors who were enslaved, being stripped their identities in forms of worship. Christianity was used by slave masters to keep the enslaved under control.

        The link to the post below and discussions with my friends had provided more clarity in my understanding of all of this:


      • The post was written by my daughter. It is a fact that the slave masters used the Bible (not necessarily Christianity) to justify slavery at the time. Even today people misread and misinterpreted the Bible to justify their evil. The devil himself used verses from the bible to tempt Jesus. But if you read the entire post you will notice the following paragraph.

        “So, what did the slaves do? They found a way to identify with the religion and to mix their understanding of spiritual things with this new-found religion. After reading the bible and finding identity with the teachings of Christ and the Israelites when they were in captivity, many of them took the religion and began to use it to enlighten other slaves, encouraging them to join in with rebellion. Even the well-loved Negro Spirituals that many black Christians sing today were written by slaves as direct opposition to white culture and politics”

        This same Bible gave the slaves the courage and strength to rise up against slavery because they realized that God is against oppression of His People.

        Liked by 1 person

      • She is a great writer and she loves history. I am glad that her post gave you a better understanding. Some of the history books that they gave us in school were bias and onesided. But when you read other books you get a clear understanding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Beverly, your blog spoke to my heart ❤️. Thank you. I do believe Jesus is the Answer and will continue to pray for His good and perfect will to be done. He is El Roi, the God “who sees”. Knowing God sees all, knows all and is in control brings comfort to my heart. With Christ as my Example, I will continue to pray. God bless you, Beverly.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Indeed, He is a God who sees everything. We cannot underestimate the power of prayer because it focuses on the realm of the spirit which is more powerful than the physical. Thank you, for sharing. Blessings

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Prayer is powerful. Even when taking action prayer is needed for God’s protection, guidance, and wisdom. Jesus is always our greatest example of how to act. He prayed too. I’m thankful that we have his peace regardless of what storms are raging in our lives or the world around us. Thanks Beverley, excellent post.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well said, Dawn. We do need God’s wisdom and protection even when we are taking actions. Martin Luther King Jnr and most of the civil rights leaders were prayer warriors. Have a blessed week, my dear.

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  7. I truly believe that God’s Kingdom is the only answer to ending injustice permanently on this earth. 1 John 5:19 says “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one”. So the Devil is very busy creating suffering and unrest to prevent the faithful from enduring to the end (Mark 13:13). We must remember that the battle is not ours, but Jehovah God’s. He will save us but we must rely on him and not on government because they are a part of this wicked world ruled by the Devil.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Very well said. Your post is a breath of fresh air. So true and wise. So much evil going on in this world right now. The last thing we need to do is hate each other. We need to focus on hating evil and binding together against evil itself, not each other. For it is not flesh and blood we are fighting. God bless you!

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  9. This is a pearl in the sand. I agree with your views wholeheartedly. The enemy’s agenda is to increase the racial tension across the United States (which also is seen as a Christian nation), causing disunity and trampling in the mud the term ‘Christianity’. If he can convince the world that Christianity never helped anyone, he can have men departing the faith as the Bible rightly predicted. The attack is on Christ and His Church. But victory already belongs to our God!

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