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Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award

I was nominated by Mrs. Holliman – God’s Love for this prestigious award.

Mrs. Holliman is a precious young woman who is passionate about serving the Lord and sharing the gospel.

Please check out her blog – God’s Love. You will love it.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate up to 30 bloggers and give them 10 questions to answer.
  3. Answer the 10 questions from the person who nominated you.

Questions from Mrs. Holliman

  1. Ladies, how were you inspired to blog?
  2.  Ladies, how long have you been blogging?
  3.  Ladies, is blogging your full-time job?
  4.  Ladies, how does blogging inspire you?
  5.  Ladies, are you encouraged by fellow bloggers?
  6.  Ladies, do you actively blog (more than three times a week)?
  7.  Ladies, have you ever considered closing your blog site?
  8.  Ladies, are you excited when blogging?
  9.  Ladies, when is the best time for you to blog?
  10.  Ladies, do you sometimes feel addicted to blogging?

Answers to Mrs. Holliman’s questions

  1. I believe that the Lord inspired me to blog. He was pouring so much in me that I need an outlet to let the words flow out and be a blessing to others. Blogging is this outlet.
  2. I have been blogging for the past six years. It has been a wonderful journey. I have met some great people through this media and I believe we have become friends because we shared so much in common.
  3. At the moment blogging is not my full time job but I believe the Lord will allow it to be so in the near future. The Lord has called me into full time ministry, which includes blogging, teaching and writing books.
  4. I am inspired by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I am inspired by my fellow bloggers and I usually gave them the credit when this happens.
  5. Certainly! This blogging community ha been a source of encouragement to me.
  6. Yes, I tried my best to write a post at least four times per week and the other days I visit and read other bloggers posts.
  7. No, never! I know that God will provide the money for me to pay my yearly fees so that WordPress will not close it.
  8. Yes, I am very much excited to share the Word of God to others. I am thrilled that people all over the world viewed my blog.
  9. The best time for me to blog is during my quiet time at work or home.
  10. My daughter use to tell me that I can become addicted to blogging. However, when you are doing something good such as sharing the Word of God to others there is no negativity in it. It is all good.

I wish to nominate the following bloggers if the choose to participate. I will also open the floor to anyone else who wants to participate.

  1. SimranTotlani
  2. TheGodminute
  3. It’s All about Love
  4. Kristi Ann’s Haven



      • Yes pretty much. There are quite a few businesses that haven’t opened. Not as many wearing masks unless the store requires you. I’m still working 3 days a week. It’s still sad though with with so many unemployed, but there are others who don’t want to return to work because the unemployment checks they’re getting is more than if they went back to work. I don’t think that can last for long. The economy is going belly up. They are beginning to open up the churches in some states. Our POTUS wants them open, but ultimately it’s up to the governor of each state. The news is an ever changing narrative. Blessings to you for the rest of the week. ♡

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      • It will eventually affect the economy later if so much money is pouring into stimulus plans. I am glad you are still working. It is good to keep occupied. I heard your president said that he will not shut down the country again if there is a second wave. I pray that there will not be another wave and we have passed through the worst.


  1. Hearty Congratulations on the Award and whole-heartedly thank you for nominating me.Its a pleasure..Thank you so much..Just one request,I will take some time to post regarding the Award,due to some reasons…I hope you understand…Thank you so much for nominating me..I accept the Nomination…

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