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Strategies Against The Enemy

During these unprecedented times we need to know the strategies that we can use to fight the enemy.

Let us be mindful that the warfare is not between flesh and blood, but it is against principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.

The good news is that victory is on our side because our Lord Jesus Christ has overcome the world.

Becoming the Oil and the Wine

Trials are a part of life, but is there a place of refuge?

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  1. Victory is ours because Jesus Christ perfect work on the cross. He also give us power over all the powers of the enemy. We also have power to use the Word of God as our sword in this fight.

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    • I am grateful that the Lord is watching over us. I felt deep within my spirit that this virus could have been worst if God had not intervene. I think it is a time to repent in prayer.

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      • I’m thankful too! I recently commented on another bloggers post that I believe God is calling us to a time of prayer and repentance. Thanks for the confirmation.

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      • That is so true, Dawn. Prayer, unity and repentance. The enemy is united to fight against us but we are still divided and that is why the enemy is able to get past the barrier to enter our lives. Today at 4pm, I will publish a post about some stuff that are happening in the church. You will be amazed.

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