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Thanksgiving Monday

O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you? (Galatians 3:1)

Thank you, Lord that I am no longer bewitched by the snares of the devil.

I remembered a few years ago I was bewitched into thinking that material possessions can appease my lonliness and boost my ego.

I was going through marital problems and to elevate my low self-esteem I resorted to internet shopping.

I bought numerous books and trinkets on ebay and amazon to pamper myself.

I thought that those stuff could provide happiness.

But, alas, the end result was poverty!

Thank God, He delivered me from the internet shopping desease!

I no longer covet the pretty things that the devil advertise to entice me.

I am free!

Thank God!

The Lord Jesus Christ has satisfied my heart and delivered me from the spirit of lonliness.

Thank you, Lord!

Is there anything that God has delivered you from?

Were you once bewitched by the enemy?

Share with us and join me in giving God thanks and praise!



  1. I think an area where I was bewitched again (like the foolish Galations who too quickly listened to people instead of God) was believing that the viewpoints of others (in terms of who I was, what mattered etc) was more important than God’s view of me.

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  2. Paul was talking to the church at Galatia “who bewitched you” he was asking them how is it that you started in the spirit but ended in the flesh. Who you tricked you? Paul didn’t mean literally that they were under a spell, but they were engaged in such fleshly acts that it seemed some kind of spell had been cast over them. Paul was wondering how did they miss the Kingdom message that he taught them. When Paul left the church at Galatia the people stopped living the message Paul taught them.

    What this text is teaching us is we have to stay connected to our Shepherd and his teachings so that we are not swayed by false doctrine.

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    • Amen, to your thoughts on this Kim. The “bewitching” is not necessarily witchcraft, but Satan lured them back into the sins that God had delivered them from. As you said, we have to stay connected to the vine. Blessings to you.


      • Thank you for allowing me to comment.

        It’s important that we encompass the whole chapter not just pieces. Paul was making a doctinal statement to the church of Galatians. He was dealing with their heart issues concerning doctrine (their strict adherence to the law and not trusting Christ finish work on the Cross) meaning they were trying to be saved by their works and not by grace.

        We have to indeed stay connected to the Vine and we do this through the Shepherds (i.e. Pastors) He has place in our lives (Jeremiah 3:15).

        Blessings to you as well!

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      • This is great dialogue.

        One of the things I try to do consistently is to make sure I have a full understanding of the chapter before I deal with the text at hand. Each word disconnected from the meaning will be taken out of context. With that being said it’s important that interpretation of the text is necessary. Without understanding the proper context it’s impossible to understand scripture. Otherwise we would just read the Word and our mind would make it mean whatever we want it to.

        While I do believe that scripture can speak for itself I don’t believe that God wanted the Bible to be passively read. It’s meant to transform our lives and penetrate the heart, that’s why we can read the scriptures in different times in our lives and take a different lesson from it.

        There are great commentaries that help us study and understand context in scripture. I prefer Matthew Henry, my Apostle uses it so I use it.

        Thank you Beverly, I enjoyed the dialogue on this text. I hope you have a great week, don’t eat too much turkey lol j/k. I’m looking forward to some pecan pie, lol.

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      • I hope you do enjoy your holidays as well. We in the caribbean do not have a thanksgiving holiday, but we like to celebrate it with you guys.

        As you can imagine the merchants here make use of the opportunity to cash up on it. They even have black friday sale.

        I totally agree with you concerning the scriptures. It is good to read the background of a scripture to know what was happening at that time. But, we will agree that Satan is still bewitching and enticing people back into the past sinful lifestye. I also like a healthy dialogue because it helps us to learn more about the scriptures and to confirm what God is speaking to His people through the Holy Spirit.

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  3. Earlier this year I was eating a lot of sweets and my church did a 21 day fast so I gave up sweets. Afterwards my desire for excessive consumption of sweets was gone. When I did eat sweet stuff is seemed too sweet lol. I didn’t realize I was eating sweets too much until God delivered me. Spending extra time with Him filled the void.

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