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Are You Ready?

When the Lord calls your name, will you be ready to listen to what He has to say to you?

That was the essence of yesterday’s devotion.

If you missed it you can get it here.

Today, we will look at Joseph’s reaction to his calling.

Similar to Samuel, Joseph’s mother was barren and he was the first child to open his mother’s womb.

Similiar to Samuel, Joseph was well loved by both parents and to prove their affection his father also gave him a coat, one with many colors.

So be ready in the morning, and come up in the morning to Mount Sinai, and present yourself to me there on the top of the mountain. (Exodus 34:2)

Similar to Samuel, Joseph knew his calling from a young age.

God did not reaveal himself to Joseph in person but He gave him dreams of his destiny.

The dreams were a test to know if his heart was ready for the task ahead.

Unlike Samuel, Joseph’s heart was not ready.

This can be seen in his eagerness to tell his brothers and parents about his dreams, which revealed that one day they would bow to him.

No doubt, Joseph’s attitude might have been haughty as he stood proudly adorned in his coat of vibrant colors relating the dreams to his brothers.

Consequently, this resulted in bitterness and strife among Joseph and his brothers who were jealous of him.

Thus openening the pathway to Joseph’s wilderness experience (See Genesis 37-41)

Joseph had to go through the wilderness to learn humility and to prove his heart to God.

On the other hand, Samuel did not go through the wilderness because his heart was set in the right place to begin his task.

Is your heart set in the right place to receive the revelation of the Word of God?

If your heart is set in the right place you do not have to go through the wilderness experience to begin your ministry.

Remember the wilderness is to teach you humility and patience.

And thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep His commandments, or no. (Deuteronomy 8:2)

The wilderness experience is a test of endurance and patience.

God wants to ensure that your heart is ready for the tremendous task that He has for you.

It is interesting to note that Jesus, the sinless Son of God, had to go through the wilderness because His mission on earth was far greater.

Jesus’ task was not only to save the nation of Israel, but the entire world.

It does not matter whether the destiny that God plans for you is great or small, your heart has to be prepared.

Are you ready?



  1. Nice Beverley! I believe God has been preparing me for the next level over the last several years. This season I’ve been in is coming to an end. I’m ready for what’s next!!

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