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Are You Willing To Pick Up Your Bed And Walk?

Last night I attended a revival crusade with the theme “It is God’s season. “

The speaker was pastor Kevin Richards and his scripture focused was John 5.

The man who laid on his bed of infirmities for 38 years waiting for the troubling of the water represents the group of people who have become so comfortable in their situation that they constantly missed the move of God.

Pastor Richards said that Bethesda represents grace. This means that you can be in a place of grace and still be stuck in a painful cycle.

At a certain season the angel of the Lord troubled the waters and you have to be the first to jump in the water to receive your healing.

Therefore, the spirit of discernment is necessary to recognize the move of God so that you can become a part of it.

The enemy can put you in a cycle or a place of stagnation where you can fail to recognize the new season of God.

You have to break the cycle.

You have to be willing to obey the Lord’s instruction to pick up your bed and walk. (Pastor Kevin Richards)

Take up your bed!

Take up the bed that have become your comfort zone.

Take up the bed that have kept you stagnated for years.

Pick up your bed of complacency and walk into God’s season.

It is a new day to walk in your devine destiny.



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