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Prayer For Healing

Heavenly Father,

You created us in your image and likeness. You created us in beauty and perfection.

But, we fell short of your glory when we corrupted our sanctuary.

Though we deserve death, you became a man to die and rose again so that we can live.

You bore our pain and suffering so that we can be healed.

Therefore, replace the sick tired body of ours with your perfect resurrected body.

Replace our tortured mind with your love so that fear and anxiety are removed.

Lord, cleanse our lives from the ravages of sin.

Let your pure blood flow within our veins to restore, revitalize and make us whole.

In Jesus precious name. AMEN!


  1. This resonated within me this morning, because I was just praying that healing prayer at 3am this morning. 🙏 Something seems askew in my body, and that prayer was confirming that God heard me. Thank you, Beverley. Perfect timing, because it’s in Gods timing, so I’m trusting in God, and to God be the glory. Blessings to you.

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