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What Does The Lord Require Of You

Having an intimate relationship with God is not a one day affair.

It is a daily walk with God.

Although you are strong in your faith with a solid foundation, it is possible for you to miss what God is doing at a particular point in time.

I have missed God’s timing over and over again. I missed because of fear and doubt.

But, the Lord knows our fragility and He always compensate and gives us a second chance.

However, the Lord is expecting something from us. And what He wants us to do is quite simple.

The Lord wants us to:

1. Act justly

We need to be fair and honest in every thing that we say and do. It does not matter how simple the situation is, be honest.

2. Love mercy

God’s mercy is everlasting towards us. Therefore, we also need to be compassionate and kind to everyone including our enemies or people who hate and despitefully used us.

3. Walk humbly before our God.

Humility is a virtue that will take us to the top and allow us to stay on top.

Humility destroys the spirit of pride. When pride is killed all other bad spirits die along with it.

These three requirements that the Lord wants from us are simple but they are powerful.

When we practice them every day we will remain in constant communion with God where we will not miss His mighty work.



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