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Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

You are running a race.

A race created and completed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

This race is called an endurance race.

You cannot win by speed or strength.

You cannot win by might or by power.

It is a race that increases your faith.

It is a race of tribulations with prizes of perseverance and patience.

It is a race through the wilderness of trials to teach you humility and obedience.

It is a race of sorrow to refresh your joy.

It is a chastising race to yield fruits of righteousness.

Keep running for giving up is not an option.

Continue to fight the good fight, keep the faith and finish the race.

At the end of the race you will receive a crown of righteousness on that DAY.

Run for your life!

2 Timothy 4; Hebrews 11; Deuteronomy 8.




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