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Demonic Miracle

There are many false prophets, doctrines and teachings in the world but believe it or not there are also false miracles. The following is a reblogged from Joshua Cummins ministry.

Joshua Cummins

Do all “miracles” come from God? Many people including Christians have the wrong understanding that they do. The truth however is that there are many examples of Demonic “miracles” in the world today and even in the Bible. The truth is in the 21st century people have a very flawed idea of “miracles”. For instance there is the naturalist view that “miracles” don’t exist and have never existed.

The first thing I want to point out is that the supernatural does exist and “miracles” are real. There are just too many examples of eyewitnesses who have seen or even experienced “miracles”. Let me give you an example of what I mean: Edward Cayce and Arigo (the surgeon with a rusty knife) who is pictured above. Look them up if you don’t believe that they are true and watch videos on YouTube of at least Arigo performing surgeries with a…

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