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Embracing Change

Change involves transformation and conversion, but it can be a very daunting decision to make. When you are comfortable with bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle it becomes extremely difficult to convert your life to a new and better way.

Embracing change is a positive attitude and it involves many blessings. So take some time to examine your life and identify all the weak and unfulfilled areas and make a switch today.

Becoming the Oil and the Wine

Many people do not like change because it involves variations of the unknown. It is the unknown that most people fear and thus they reject change. There was a time in my life when I did not to change from my comfort zone and so I would remain complacent in my circumstances even when such situations were no longer meeting my needs.

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  1. The best part of “change” and it’s acceptance by those who believe…is that it displays our maturing in Christ…as we learn to trust…then, to KNOW….that His Safety Net is always right there…even as He firmly holds us in the palm of His hand…always faithful, always truthful….never leaving us as we follow His plan for us here on earth.

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