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Forsake Me Not!

One of my mother’s favorite psalms that she read every night was Psalms 71. I use to wonder why she loved it so much until I read it for myself and found a particular verse (9) which it states,

‘Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength fails.’

I realized that as my mother was getting older she felt lonely and somewhat forsaken when her children began to leave her home in the country to either further their education or to get a job in Kingston.

This is not a strange feeling for parents to experience as their children grow older. They sometimes feel that their children may neglect them. Some parents may try to hold on to their children and refuse to release them even when they are old enough to take care of themselves.

Student going off to college by stockimages/

Student going off to college by stockimages/









Mothers are guilty of keeping their adult children at home with the excuse that they still need them. It does not matter what excuse that they conjure up, the fact still remains that smothering your grown children is an unhealthy habit for yourself as well as the children themselves.

Studies have shown that some of the negative effects that this have on the children are lack of responsibility, development of a dependency syndrome, ungrateful attitude and laziness. Family tension will develop within the home; bickering and arguing between spouses because one spouse may be against an adult child living at home. Most times there is no peace within the home.

Adult sister and brother arguing at home by artur84/

Adult sister and brother arguing at home by artur84/






The underlying reason why some parents cannot release their children is fear. They are fearful of being alone and perhaps abandoned. This was how my mother felt as her children became older but she did not hold on to us.

She released us then turned to God to fill the void that was developing in her heart. She turned to the Lord to remove the spirit of fear and loneliness in her heart. Thus she constantly prayed Psalms 71 over her life. My mother found fulfillment in God and I believe that you can find it too in God if you are currently feeling dejected and forsaken by your children.

God can be a companion to you when you allow him to dwell in your heart. As an inhabitant in your life he will communicate with you and show you love and compassion. Remember that perfect love from God will drive out fear from your heart. The Lord will also strengthen you even when your physical body is getting weaker.

Therefore, I implore you to walk in the strength of the Lord because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. The Lord will also increase your greatness and comfort you from every side. For the Lord God is your hope and he is your trust from your youth.

So hope continually in the Lord and praise him every day. Praise the Lord with singing and with music. Let your lips rejoice greatly in him and your soul which he had redeemed praise him. Speak constantly of God’s righteousness so that the enemy is confounded and brought to shame.

I declare unto you this day that the Lord will not forsake you as you get older but he will be with you until you have showed his strength unto this generation, and the power to everyone that is to come.

Additional references: Philippians 4:13; Psalms 71

featured image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at

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