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What is God’s Purpose For Your Life?

mountain-91385_640The Lord has a purpose for your life! It is important that you know the plan that He has for you.

The Lord of hosts has sworn saying,

“Surely as I have thought so will it come to pass, and as I have purpose so shall it stand. I will destroy the enemy from the land and tread upon him on my mountains. Then will his bondage be removed from my people and his burden will depart from their shoulders.

“This is my purpose for you. This is my goal upon the whole earth, and this is my hand which I have stretched out to cover all the nations.

“I the Lord of hosts have determined this and who can annul it? When my hands are stretched out who can turn it back? No one!”  said the Lord of hosts.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Oh, Lord, we thank you for the great purpose that you have for us and your protection over us. I pray that you will continue to be gracious unto us while we wait for you.

Be our arm every morning and our salvation in times of trouble because when you lift yourself up and charge the atmosphere with your glory, the enemies will be scattered.

We exalt you oh Lord for you dwell on high and have filled us with righteousness and justice. Wisdom and knowledge are the stability of your times. The strength of salvation and the fear of the Lord is your treasure.

So arise in our lives with healing in your wings and be thou exalted. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

The prophetic words are from Isaiah 14: 24-27;

The prayer is from; Isaiah 33: 2-6, 10; Malachi 4:2

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    • Thank you Bev for your encouraging words. I also love that particular song. We all need to pour in the oil and the wine on those who are in need just like the good Samaritan.


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