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Is Your Background Bothering You?

Your past does not determine your future! You may born in troubled household where your parents are constantly at war with each other or you may have been raised by a single parent and you grew up lacking the finer things in life; or perhaps you were raised in a community that is scorned by society.

It does not matter where you are from or how you were brought up, the future that God has planned for you is determined by God and yourself and not by your past. The following poem is a perfect example of a young man whose past did not dictate the excellent future that God had in store for him.

The Song of Wisdom

He was the son of a great king

But was born from a troubled relationship;

A union that was instigated by lust and murder.

He was the seventh child and he was the least.


His future appeared hopeless and grim.

But long before he was conceived,

The Lord claimed him as His own and promised to be a Father to him;

Before he was formed in his mother’s womb,

The Lord knew him and ordained him to build His house;


Before he was born the Lord sanctified him

And established the throne of his kingdom forever.

At his birth he was given a name by God –   Beloved of God.

His name revoked the turbulent past

And welcomed a new beginning of peace.


After his coronation,

He chose wisdom and understanding and received abundant life.

He forsook earthly desires and selected

The Son of God thus securing an identity

Above all earthly kings that had ever lived or ever will be.

He became the Song of Wisdom.

Prepared by: Beverley Wright (November 2


The story is told of a great King who committed a horrible crime. It was spring time and during this time all the kings went out to war. However, on this particular spring, the great King did not go to war but instead remained home. As the old proverb said, “The devil finds work for idle hands.” One day the king was walking on the roof of his palace and saw a beautiful woman next door having a bath and he lusted after her.

Jean Leon Gerome's depiction of Bathsheba bathing as viewed from David perspective.

Jean Leon Gerome’s depiction of Bathsheba bathing as viewed from David perspective.







He became so overcome with lust that he had an affair with her even though he knew that she was a married woman. The young lady became pregnant and the king decided to pin the child on the woman’s husband who was at war at the time of the affair. The king sent for her husband so that he and his wife could be together but the husband refused to sleep with his wife.

Since this plan failed, the king decided to kill her husband by sending him back to the battle field with a note to his commander to place him at the front of the battle. Of course he was killed and this opened the way for the king to marry his wife. He thought that his plan was brilliant and convenient for him but God was very displeased and sent his prophet to confront the king with his sins.

When the king came face to face with his horrible deeds he quickly cried unto God in shame and remorse. The Lord forgave him but death and the sword was declared over his household. Consequently the child that was conceived by lust died. Afterwards another child was conceived by forgiveness and love and he became the beloved of God with a great future.

Who was this child? Why was he so special? This child was exceptional because even though his past was turbulent, it did not determine his future. He was born from parents whose relationship began under an umbrella of lust and death and he was born into a household where the curse of war was pronounced upon it, but his birth brought a message of peace and love from God which removed the reproach of his past and gave him a future filled with abundant blessings. Can you tell me who this person was? The Lord had a great plan for him even before he was conceived and he also has a wonderful plan for you also.

References: 2 Samuels 11&12; 1 Kings 1, 2, 3

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