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Beauty Can Come Out Bold: Come Out…

Come Out…

When was the last time you checked your e-mail or your Facebook page? I believe many of you are on it right now as I write. Some of us may not see it now, but I believe that you are destined for more than a Facebook page. You may have hundreds of friends on it now, but one day you may have millions of people looking up to you, asking you for the guidance they need to survive and I believe that.

I believe in a lot of things. I believe in love, I believe in change, I believe in the son of the Almighty coming down on earth and dying for us. I believe that and you know what else I believe? I believe that today’s generation can be tomorrow’s strong and leading nation. That’s what I believe. We are busy hiding behind our shell of shyness when we can step out. We’re not going to get it right the first time, and we may do better on the second time, but if we have patience and faith, I believe we’d accomplish what we set out to do.

You may be saying to yourself, ‘well, I’ve heard this many times before’, but my question is: how much do you believe it? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your parents? Do you trust them enough to know that they want to guide you in the right direction? Yes, I know how it feels when you’re not being understood, when your voice is not being heard. Sometimes it feels as if no one wants to hear what you are saying, but are you talking?

Sometimes, you are not listening. You have to listen. You have to because sometimes you may hear people out there agreeing with you, disagreeing with you, or even answering the questions that you have been asking. Maybe you are so bombarded with the fact that no one is listening to you that you don’t even realize that there are those out there hearing you and answering you. Sometimes we have to stay silent. We have to have our ears at the peak and we must listen.

We shouldn’t hide behind a cloud of shyness that is covering us from head to toe, nor should we walk around demanding attention from everyone. We need to be discreet. We need to voice our opinions on life and then stay silent so that we can hear our answer. We have to get rid of all the noise in our lives that is preventing us from hearing our Creator guide us and tell us where we need to go. We need to have a relationship with our Creator. You see, we are so caught up with religion we forget that God had originally wanted us to restore a relationship. He wanted us to get back into a friendship with Him that was lost from the beginning of the world. We think that He has stopped talking to us and so we look for answers somewhere else. Our Creator has never lost contact with us and he is more than happy to listen to us anytime. We just need to regain that friendship with Him.

We can come out as strong women that can make a difference in someone’s life. We may have hundreds of friends on Facebook, hundreds following us on Twitter, and a whole lot cluttered in our MSN, but we can make a difference so great millions will want to be around you, be with you, and follow you, but never you forget who created you and brought you up to such a high place, for unless the house was built on the Lord, the house we built was in vain.


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