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Beauty Can Come Out Bold: Beauty Can…

For encouraging teens and young women, when I was just in high school I drafted up a three part encouragement to teach teenagers three aspects of themselves: Beauty Can Come Out Bold. In the first part: Beauty Can…I state the importance of accepting yourself and realizing the propose you have in your Creator. So without further a due first part to Beauty Can Come Out Bold…

Beauty Can…

There are so many things in life in which we are not at the moment sure about. We question the things that seem unquestionable and second-guess everything— even our own intellect. That, we should never question. Apparently every one of us fails to see the real truth behind our very existence and we make up theories to conclude who we are.

We fail to realize that we cannot and therefore must not conclude ourselves. We are more than capable of achieving whatever we put our minds to. The real thing behind us that is driving us forward can only be defined as a supernatural being— someone so great he is beyond what any man can imagine. We refuse to look at life in a way that can only be created by a creator and so we run around questioning everything that we do or we say. Unfortunately, many of us find our happiness and answers in drugs and exploited lifestyles. We disvalue life and we even abuse ourselves. No one is there to answer our questions and so we feel that there are no answers and therefore we exist without meaning.

But we do exist with meaning. We each have a purpose— a purpose only our Creator has for us. We have meaning in our lives. We don’t just merely exist. We exist because we have a duty to fulfill. A duty that is too great to be called unworthy or not meaningful or beneficial to our society. Some of us believe that we weren’t meant to even exist. We feel broken down, we feel that no one wants us around and that we’d be better off dead, but none of that is true. Without you, the world may not run the way it is running today. Your life is a key factor in the running world and without it something would not be balanced.

We would not be better off dead. That fact that we are still living means that someone still cares about us and someone around stills sees our importance. Everyone may not love you, but there are people who do and the Ultimate One who created us of course loves us in ways unrecognized by humans that live daily around us. We shouldn’t question our life. We should give thanks for it. We should give thanks every day for everything. We all have some duty to fulfill, and something to give.

Yes, we may want to give up sometimes. We think that the hardship of life is too much to bear, but it isn’t. It is a test that we must all go through. It is a storm that comes with rain and wind. Without the rain and wind, how the flowers and the plants grow? We need a storm in our lives to make us grow stronger day by day. We have to take it step by step. We have to live life to the fullest. We have to do our best. We have to keep marching on.

We can’t give up. We can’t give in. We have to be strong and hold our heads up high. We have to keep on pressing it. Life is full of too many adventures for us to drop out. We would miss everything. Success is not a destination. We all get that wrong. Success is a journey. Each milestone that you complete makes room for you to get more. The journey of life is a never ending one. It is like the horizon. No matter how far out in the sea you go, a horizon will still be far ahead of you. You will never get to that place where to sky actually touches to sea, and so is success. When you thought you reached the top, you see that there is more in front of you.

I won’t deny that sometimes life is tough, but I can say that our Creator will never give us more than we can bear. What we can’t do for ourselves, He would do for us, and He is there beside you every step of the way. It may not seem so sometimes, but He is there. A courageous person who can step out of the box and press their way forward is a person that is highly respected in society. I think of all the people who stepped outside that box and were bold, and I think of Rosa Parks.

She was an ordinary person like you and me. She wasn’t a celebrity or a highly known person. She was a black woman, ridiculed for her color. She was considered less than human. She had no privileges in society, but had she not stepped outside that box we would probably have never known what it meant to fight— fight for our rights and equal justice among all races and genders. If Rosa Parks could have done it then, we can do it now. We can make a change, even in our own small community. We can fight our way to the top. We can become more than just ordinary, or regular. We can become great and great in every way.


  1. Ruth is my seventeen year old daughter who has a passion for colors and fashion. She wrote this article while she was still in high school to help her peers accept themselves as beautiful on the inside and outside. Since this blog is focussing on teens and young adults for the month of July and August, I think that it is fitting that they hear directly from a another young person. I hope that you will be blessed by her articles.


  2. My best friend Ruth is more than a master piece. I was with her when she came up with this idea and thought it was great, i hope it turns out for the best.


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