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You Are Strong!

Many young people are facing a crisis at home and school. Some of you are battling fear and addiction. The Lord has seen your afflictions and has heard your cry. He has sent His word through His prophets and servants to comfort you and give you strength.teen-948137_640

The Lord will give strength to the weak hands and He has confirmed power and vitality to the feeble knees. The Lord declares to those who are fearful, “Be strong! Fear not! For behold your God will come with vengeance and recompense. I will come unto you and save you.”

Then the eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf will be freed. The lame will leap like a hart (male deer) and the tongue of the dumb will sing – You will be delivered from all your suffering and pain.

Waters will spring forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert. The parched ground will become a pool and the thirsty land springs of water – your wilderness of trials and your dry finances will change to peace and abundance.

The dwelling place of the dragon (the secret place of the enemy) will be exposed, dispersed and changed into grassland.

Then the Lord will carve out a highway for you – His children – and it will be called the way of holiness. No unclean spirit will tread on it; only you.

Whoever walks on the road, even if He is a fool, will never go astray. Neither lions nor ravenous beasts can walk upon it. They will not be found anywhere near that path. Only the redeemed of the Lord shall walk on that pathway.

The ransom (redeem) of the Lord will return and come unto Zion (a place of rest in God) with songs, and everlasting joy will be upon their heads. They will receive joy and gladness and sorrow and sighing shall flee away – You will be freed from your past troubles and restore to your former glory in joy and happiness.

The above prophecy is the word of the Lord delivered by one of God’s mighty prophet – Isaiah. It is recorded in Isaiah 35:3-10. Receive this prophetic word from the Lord and apply it to your life.

 The Lord is my strength and my song… He is my God, and I will praise him… (Exodus 15:2)

Photo credit – pixabay


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