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Are You Doing The Work of the Lord?

“Hurry up and get in the car. We are going to be late for church.” Mark said as he jerked opened the car door and slid into the driver’s seat. Suzy decided to ignore his irritating drumming of his fingers on the dashboard. She was busy trying to tuck two toddlers and an infant inside their car

“Mummy can I have juice?” asked Hannah, her five-year-old daughter.

“Not now Hannah, They are already packed inside the bag. Wait until we reach the church.” Suzy said her patience was wearing thin, and she was trying hard not to let her anger erupt. Just then Hannah let out a loud wail.

“I want juice, I want juice” she screamed over and over again. Suzy was at the breaking point.

“Mark,” she shouted “Could you just get out of the car and get her a box of juice from the fridge. I am trying to fix this seat belt.” Suzy grabbed the stubborn belt once more and attempted to fasten it inside the buckle. “Click” at last she sighed to herself. She didn’t know why they made those darn things so difficult to adjust. Luckily the baby was still asleep, his delicate features relaxed in repose.

Suzy heard the car door opened and closed as Mark went back to the apartment for some juice.

“You might as well get one for Johnny,” She shouted at his retreating figure.

Her three-year-old son was busy playing with his toy car, but she knew that if he saw his sister with a carton of juice and he did not get one for himself, he was going to cause a commotion.

Hannah’s high pitch wail had now turned into an annoying whimper. Suzy ignored her and went into the passenger’s seat.

Soon Mark returned with two small boxes of juice and gave one to each child. They drank greedily as they sped off to church. Suzy knew that this was just a temporary fix. Their church was located in the center of half way tree square which was only a few minutes ride from their apartment in Red Hills.

As they walked up the brick path to the elegant white building of the church, three Ushers rushed to their assistance. The oldest of the three took the baby’s carrier from her hands while the other two young ladies threw themselves at Mark, giggling as they embraced him.

He was the center of attention, and he loved it. He was a charmer and soon he was amusing them with his jokes. Suzy pursed her lips in disgust. She hated it when he flirted with these young ‘sketels’ but whenever she confronted him; he accused her of immaturity and insecurity. He claimed he was just being ‘nice.’

Suzy knew better!

Each young lady flanked him on both sides and escorted him quickly to the platform to the music band leaving Suzy behind with the three children.

Fortunately, Sister Lucile (the older Usher) remained with her to help her to a vacant seat at the back of the church. The praise and worship session had just begun, and this dear sister promised to help her with the children later.

She was such a sweet and helpful lady. Her husband was once the Pastor of the church, but when he passed away a couple of years ago, she threw herself full time into the work of the Lord.

Sister Lucile’s children were all adults with their family, so she was left alone at home.

However, Instead of wallowing in self-pity and loneliness, she chose instead to open her home to the young people in the church and gave them free lessons in baking and cooking. She was once a qualified chef.

The baby woke from his slumber and began to cry. Suzy lifted him gently from his Carrier and placed him on her shoulder patting his back tenderly.

Her lap was vacant, and so Hannah seized the opportunity to climb into it snuggling against her chest. Johnny was nowhere to be seen. As soon as he was inside the church he had quickly wandered off.

This was his usual habit, and she was at her wits end trying to control him. He walked all over the church crawling under the benches in the pew, pulling out the hymn books from the holders at the back of the benches. Sometimes he made his way up to the platform to his father.

Suzy ignored all his antics. What else was she to do? She received no help from her husband who spent the entire time on the platform. He was the leader of the music ministry, youth director, assistance pastor and he maintained the equipment. He was always busy doing something inside the church. He appeared to be the head cook and chief bottle washer.

He played the keyboard during the worship service and afterward, he disappeared into the equipment room and was busy doing God knows what. He never helps!

This was the pattern of their life during every church service, and Suzy was sick of it. They discussed the situation at the home on numerous occasions but to no avail.

He was adamant about putting the church duties priority in his life. But he had a family and they needed him.

Suzy needed her husband by her side to worship and praise the Lord together. How was she supposed to hear even the sermon while she was busy trying to look after a young baby and two toddlers?

Suddenly Suzy heard a loud scream coming from the back pew and realized that it was her son. He had fallen off something or something fell on him.

She was stuck in her seat with two children in her hands. She glanced quickly behind and saw her son sprawled on the floor kicking and screaming in pain.

Sister Lucile hurried across the room and picked him up and took him outside. It appeared as if everyone forgot that the preacher was on stage because all eyes were on little Johnny and his mother.

She could just imagine their thoughts. Spoilt child and inept mamma. They shook their heads and glared at her.

Enough! Suzy shoved her daughter out of her lap and secured the baby back in his carrier. She took up the Carrier and grabbed Hannah’s hand pulling her behind her as she squeezed past the people in the packed seat.

Her husband was busy playing his guitar on stage, being filled with the spirit and totally unaware of the commotion that his family was creating inside the church.

Suzy was determined to take the car and returned home with the children leaving her husband behind. Perhaps the friendly Ushers would take him home.

As soon as she was outside the fresh breeze swept over her hot body cooling down her temper. She found her son in the arms of Sister Lucile inside the church office.

He had a huge bump on his forehead. Sister Lucile showed her to a chair, and Suzy sat down gratefully. Hannah once again promptly took her position inside her lap sucking her thumb. Since the baby’s birth, she became more nagging, sticking to her like glue while Johnny seemed to get wilder.

Suddenly the floods gates of heaven burst opened, and the tears began to flow uncontrollably down Suzy’s cheeks. She was overwhelmed, and she just could not cope anymore.

Sister Lucile immediately recognized the problem and went over to her. Johnny was still sleeping on her shoulder, but she took a chair and placed it beside Suzy so that she could be closer. Without saying a word the older sister took one of her slim, youthful hands and began to pray for her.

Sister Lucile knew exactly what her role was in the life of this young couple. They badly needed her help both physically and spiritually. One of the first lessons that she would teach this young couple was how to build their marital foundation on the Lord. They needed to recognize that unity is one of the essential elements in a marriage.

Sometimes the young married men spend too much time operating equipment and playing instruments while their young bride or wife and children are left neglected.

This situation need to end! Most of the duties of the church can be delegated to the single people so that the husbands can sit with their wives and worship together.

The married couples need to praise and worship the Lord together at home and in the church sanctuary. They also need to show their love and affection to each other and the Lord so that they can be a blessing to others.

God created marriage to be a form of worship to Him, but unfortunately, many couples are unaware of this. Two people could not walk together unless they agreed.

A marriage built on the foundation of Jesus Christ in words and deeds will increase from strength to strength.

As soon as Sister Lucile finished her prayers, Suzy wiped away her tears and smiled weakly. A calm sense of reassurance flooded her being, and she knew that things were going to change because God was with her taking care of the situation.

She decided to surrender everything in the mighty hands of the Lord and give Him the glory.

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