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Are You Fighting Fire With Fire?

The news media have reported that over six hundred fires have broken out in southern California since this year. Many homes and property have been destroyed while many people have been evacuated.

Most of the fires have been linked to severe drought and dry weather in the area. Thousands of firefighters have put their lives in jeopardy to fight these raging uncontrollable fires.

According to, firefighters use several different strategies to control fire. First they ‘read’ the fire.

They read the fire by looking at the color of the flame, testing the heat of the smoke and trying to figure out the direction of the wind. The firemen then selected a method to control the fire either by removing the fuel of the fire or by flapping which is using thick rubber mats to beat out the fire.

They can also use flame retardants or foam to stop the chemical reaction in the flame. But the most important and effective ingredient to extinguish a fire is water. The Firefighters cannot control the fire by using fire.

We are praying for a quick dissolution of these wildfires and strength for those brave workers who are risking their lives. The fires in California are real, but there is an ongoing fire that is raging among all of us. It is the fire of an unruly tongue.

When we hurt each other with the sharp edge of our tongue, it is one of the devil’s plot to steal, kill and destroy us. Many marriages such as Mark and Suzy are experiencing tremendous marital problems due to poor communication because of an unruly tongue. (Teeth and tongue must meet). But the devil is a deceiver and we need to renounce him from our lives.

We must rise above the enemy’s scheme, recognize him for who he is, and take control of our lives. We will not cut each other with the sharp edge of a deceitful tongue. We will not divide with the sword of confusion; neither will we pierce with the dagger of bitterness and resentment.

The result of a perverse tongue is violence and strife. A lying tongue will suddenly be cut off. For how can we praise God with our tongue and then use it to scourge our brother?

Out of the same mouth blessing and cursing proceeds. Can good and evil mix in the same vessel? Is it possible for a fountain to spring forth sweet and bitter water at the same time?

No my friend those things are not possible so how is it that one can sing and shout praises to God on a Sunday morning and then curse his brethren on a Monday morning? Is it possible for any man to tame this unruly tongue that is evil and full of deadly poison?

Only water can quenched the raging fire of the tongue. The living water of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. The tongue is part of the flesh so it can die.

When you believe and accept Jesus Christ in your heart, you make a covenant with God that your sins including the untamed tongue died with Christ on the cross. The resurrection power of Christ renew and sanctify the tongue.

Do not accept the lies of the devil when he tells you that a conflicting tongue is part of life. He has already been defeated so send him back to the past.

Be obedient to the Holy Spirit so that you can live a holy life unto God. Think before you speak and follow the ABC rule which is to: Accept the Holy Spirit’s instructions; be obedient and conquer the flesh.

References: Psalms 57:4; Proverb 10:31; Proverbs 17: 20; Proverbs 12:19; James 1: 26; James 3; John 3:38-39; Romans 6.
May God grant you the blessings of a happy and lasting marriage.


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