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Searching for a Father

The following poem is the cry of a child helplessly waiting for the return of a father. It is the cry of a child who never knew a father but is hopefully waiting. It is the cry of a young man still searching for his identity. It is the cry of an adult male lost and alone, still puzzled by his steadfast demise.


I want my father to guide me along this austere road called life.

I want to follow as he leads.

I want to be created in his image and likeness.

Only then my confidence will be strengthened,

I will not be forever lost.

My innocent and naïve mind cannot comprehend the rudiments of life.

How does one decipher the complexity of two strings interlacing

To secure the shoes, that protect the feet from the dust

And grime that lined the rugged pathway?

I am overwhelmed, but I know my father would understand.

When the elements of growth pour its substance

In vengeance on my unsuspecting body, which broke out in alarm,

Who will decrease its rapid onslaught with the balm of Gilead?

Who will pour the oil to soothe the wound and anoint the aches?

Who? But my father!

Then as the years flew away,

I suddenly realized that I am not good all by myself.

I need to expand and multiply.

Who will return my rib to my side so that my heart can be secured?

Who will take her Hand and placed it my palm?

Who meets these requirements?

Who? But my father!

But I see no father within my domain.

I see no father around my sphere!

Am I abandon?

Am I a vagrant?

Will I be another statistic?

Or will I be an ‘inmate’ of society?

From the depths, my soul cried out,


‘When my father and mother forsake me,

Then you oh Lord will take me up.’

For you will be a Father to the fatherless;

A Helper to the poor and Justice to the oppressed.

So ‘teach me your way, o Lord and lead me in a smooth path.’

Then will I become your son in righteousness and holiness.

My Father is my father.

Psalms 27: 10, 11; Psalms 68:5; Psalms 10:14; Heb. 1:5; 1Cor. 6:18; Rom 8:15

Prepared by: Beverly Wright September 13, 2012

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