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Working Hard? Take a Break! You Need it!

You may be working hours way past the regular forty hours per week working schedule. You might even be working a possible fifty hours or more, and you may be working six to seven days per week instead of five days.

You tell yourself that you need the extra money because of your excessive bills and debts. Maybe you are self-employed, and you need to get your business off the ground, so you need to put in those extra hours.

But what good will your business or job be to you if you suddenly collapse from exhaustion? If this happens who will support your family who is left behind to pick up the pieces? For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? (Mark 8:36).

If you are guilty, you need to stop, take a break and reorganize your work schedule. Think about the most important things in your life and prioritize. The most important human being in your life is YOU so you need to take care of yourself first.

Follow the example of our Creator, who created the entire world, including everything that is necessary for our well-being, in six divine days and on the seventh day He rested and refreshed Himself.

This rest is both physically and spiritually. God is calling you to His rest. What kind of rest is this? You ask:

Rest in God  

It is not a rest to slumber.

It is not only a rest to cure a tired body.

It is not a day called rest;

Neither is it a rest to ‘rest in peace.’

But it is indeed a rest that is everlasting.

It is a rest that will cure all your troubles;

A rest that will give you knowledge and understanding;

A rest that will cease all your labor.

A rest that is refreshing!

This rest can only be found in God.

Enter into this rest through the door of humility.

Remain in this rest in absolute obedience.

Rebelliousness and disobedience are rejected.

Unbelief and doubt will be lost in the wilderness of trials.

Get on board quickly through the work of the cross.

It will take you boldly to the throne of grace where

You will find your Creator waiting with outstretched arms

To embrace you into His bosom of REST.

Beverly Wright Feb 9, 2013

Many people are going through some fiery trials both spiritually and physically. The waves of troubles are so high that they feel overpowered to the point of drowning.

At this stage, they may be unable to pray or even read their bible. If you are at this low point right now, I want you to take a deep breath and then release it slowly.


As you release your breath release all the pain, suffering, heartaches in the arms of Jesus. Give them ALL to Him and let the tears flow. Yes, it is okay to cry before the Lord because it is a powerful prayer that He understands and answers speedily.

The Lord is speaking to you right now. He is saying, “(put your name in this spot), Rest in me! Rest in my arms! There is no need for you to be perturbed or dismayed.

“You do not need to fret or worry because I have got it all under my control. You will not beg, you will not borrow, and neither will your seed beg bread. My name cannot be put to shame, and you are called by my name. So whosoever offended you offend me also.

“I have your back so stand firm in my righteousness and never look back. It is a forward march. Onward we go into your destiny that is only a step away. Stay in my rest and relax in my arms because there is an edge of protection around you which is steadfast and firm. It is unmovable and stable so sleep in my arms of security.

“Let your mind and soul flow and float on my bosom of love. Only contentment and peace will be your reward. So rest, refresh and dream.” Said the Lord, Your God.

These were the exact words that the Lord whispered in my years on February 2013 when I was going through some terrible crisis in my personal life. These words from the Lord kept my sanity and gave me peace. Since then I have learned to give them ALL to God and just simply rest in His Rest and be refresh. I hope that His words will do the same for you.

References: Genesis 1-2; Exodus 20:11; Hebrews 3-4.



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