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Come See A Man!

Come, see a man this Christmas season.

We are almost at the end of another year.

It was a year when most countries decided to move forward to live again and not to allow a virus to dictate their lives.

Now, it is Christmas time again and you are free to celebrate without the restrictions of masks, social distance and hand sanitizers.

The question is, how will you celebrate Christmas?

Do you celebrate the birth of Christ?

Or do you see Christmas as a time to celebrate families and friends?

Do you see this season as the time to get the best deals from your favorite stores?

Are you excited about the glitter of the season and is passionate about decorating your home into the best and brightest one in the neighborhood?

What does Christmas really mean to you?

Some people disregard Christmas altogether because they claim it was not the actual day that Jesus was born.

While others simply use this season as the time to make extra cash and so they raised the prices of their goods to gain more profit.

What does Christmas mean to me? 

For me, Christmas is a time of celebration and reflection.

I celebrate the unconditional love and mercy that God has shown me throughout the year.

I used this time to reflect on the life of Christ while He was on earth.

Instead of seeing a baby in a manger, I see a man who was tested and tempted just like you and me.

I see a man who was rejected by his family and friends.

He was persecuted and misjudged just like you and me.

I see a man whose flesh was weak and weary just like you and me.

I see a man who wept bitter tears of sorrow and pain just like you and me.

But, Jesus overcame every problem that we are now facing so that we can follow His examples and live victoriously.

Therefore, I encourage you to use this season to:

Celebrate God’ unconditional love!

Celebrate joy!

Celebrate peace!

Celebrate forgivness!

Celebrate unity!

And, like the woman at the well, run excitedly to your neighbor and invite him/her to:

Come, see a man!

(John 4)

How will you celebrate  Christmas?

We are excited to hear from you.




  1. I always look forward to our Christmas Eve service at church. And Christmas day is for family. We keep shopping and decorating to a minimum and try to just spend time reflecting on the true meaning of the day – and enjoying family time.

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