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Sharing The Lottery Winnings

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Three clergymen split on a lottery ticket and they won the grand prize of a million dollars.

The first one, a baptist minister says “this is a blessing, but how much do we keep for ourselves and how much should we give to God”?

After a few minutes he said “I know we’ll draw a circle and throw the money up in the air, whatever lands out of the circle we’ll keep and whatever lands in the circle we’ll give to God.”

The Priest pipes up and says, “You know it’s a little windy, I think we should throw throw money up in the air and whatever lands inside the circle we keep and whatever lands outside of the circle we give to God.”

They then turn to the rabbi and ask his opinion, and the rabbi says.

“I think we should throw the money up in the air and and whatever God wants he can keep and we’ll keep the rest for ourselves.”

Source: Christian Unite


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