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A Peach to Poison: A God to Trust

Good day. I’m back again with an exciting post (at least for me) and a testimonial to the truth that God, our Creator, cares about even the littlest things.

And that He does speak to us in our hearts.

So, last Friday, I went shopping to move into the dorms for Sunday the 23rd of August. I wasn’t too thrilled really, but while in the supermarket, I said, let me buy some fruits since they were planning to put us on a fourteen-day quarantine when we moved in, and I wanted to have enough to eat.

As I browsed through the fruits, I picked up my favorite fruits, kiwis, and plums then looked over at the peach and said to myself ‘I should really buy some peaches’, but intuitively I didn’t.

On the day I moved in, my school dropped off my first meal package (since I was quarantining, they would be delivering food to us every day) and I noticed that they gave me a peach as a part of the meal.

I wondered to myself why peaches since I knew that they were expensive.

The next day, they packed an apple. Then on Wednesday, they gave me another peach. I ate the apple, but the two peaches were still in the refrigerator as I hadn’t eaten them yet.

On Thursday (August 27th), I decided that I’ll make myself a fruit salad. After all, I had some peaches and kiwis in the fridge.

I pulled out the peach and began to peel it, but I was having difficulty peeling the peach and had this little conversation with God:

Me: Why am I peeling this peach. It’s frustrating, can’t I just eat it with the skin on?

God: Peel the peach. With all the salmonella that’s out there, you’ll never know.

Me (laughing): Salmonella on peaches?! (I honestly thought that was absurd.)

God: Peel the peach.

So, I proceeded to peel the peach, wash the fruit, and eat my breakfast of fruit salad.

On Friday, I went for breakfast again, and I watched the other peach in the fridge, thinking to myself, I should really peel it and eat it since it was I was in the mood for it, but my spirit pressed me to just leave the peach alone for now.

I just ate my regular breakfast and checked the news on my phone.

And I have the screenshots to share.

Peach Recall

Would you believe that I saw CNN saying that they’re recalling peaches in states after seventy-eight people fell ill? New York (the state I’m in) was one of those states. I couldn’t believe it.

There was no way I would have known about this other than the little conversation that I had. It was so real that I had to call my mother just to let her know.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

This small thing that I’m sharing is to let you know that even in the little things as insignificant as this, when we talk to our Creator, He hears and He does reply.

Sometimes, not as immediately as we would like and maybe not as an actual clear voice, but throughout my times at school, I’ve had my prayers answered in many different ways.

It was hard to see at times because He saw the future that I couldn’t see. But this was one of the times He made Himself very clear, speaking to me about something that I found absurd, but revealing the issues to me the next day.

Like in the Proverb above, God speaks to us, and as long as we acknowledge Him, He will direct our paths even when we can’t see what lies at the end.

We should trust Him.

When the word ‘salmonella’ came up, I literally laughed, because I would never believe that the bacteria could affect a fruit like a peach.

That was my own understanding, but when I saw the news, I realized that my understanding was shallow water to what God saw. And that’s why you should trust Him, always.



  1. Powerful testimony of God’s continual protection over His children. It is a blessing to see how much God cares for us. Continue to trust in the Lord because He is looking out for you. Thank you, Nikay for sharing. ❤🙏

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  2. Praise God!!! What an awesome God we serve!

    Late last night, a similar thing happened to me. I was walking toward the bedroom, when something told me to look down. There on the floor right outside our bedroom door, was a very poisonous Arizona Bark Scorpion. Their sting can kill a small child, an elderly person, and pets. Even if they don’t kill you, their sting will make a person extremely sick for several days. I am so thankful that I saw it and captured it, before one of our two dogs, or my elderly husband or I, got stung!

    Thank You, Lord Jesus!!!!

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