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Blog Stats! How Important Is It?

What is blog stats?

Blog stats collect and analyze data to show your blog performance on a daily basis.

Overall, the blog stats help you to know how much traffic your blog receives. Every blogger dream of having booming traffic, but the reality is that most bloggers receive less than five hundred views per day.


You can learn about your stats by Google analytics which comes with your premium, Business, and e-Commerce plan.

To enable Google Analytics on your click here.

The importance of blog stats

Your blog stats will tell you the most popular post on your blog, the number of people who look at your post, and the length of time they stayed on it.

The stats will give you the bounce rate which is the percentage of visitors to your site who leave it after viewing only one page.

You will know the geographical location of your visitors. This will encourage you to learn more about your readers’ countries and cultures.

The stats will show you who refers your viewers to your site. This way you will be able to know if your social media is helping you to get visitors.

You will also know the most popular viewed post on your blog for that day.

Don’t ignore the insight on your blog stats

Some times you can get caught up with your blog traffic and forget to look at the insight on your stats.

The insight gives you into the average views per day and month of each year since you began blogging. This will give you an overall picture of the growth of your blog.

The insight will summarize your latest post. It will tell you your most popular day and hour.

My statistics insight tells me that my best view ever was on January 4, 2019.

The post that was published on that day is entitled Watch and Pray.

I believe we are living in crucial times where we need to daily watch and pray. We cannot afford to let down our guard.

Your stats insight also shows you all your followers who actively participate on your blog and the number of views your most popular tags and categories receive in the past seven days.

Improving your blog stats

I have been learning over the past few weeks that if I carefully study my stats I will know how to make improvements to increase the traffic to my blog.

  • Knowing the highest referrers to your blog will allow you to work harder in this area to improve your traffic. For example, I received most viewers from search engine therefore, I will need to learn more about SEO and how to apply it to my blog.
  • Your most popular posts will give you an idea of your readers’ interests. You can expand on these posts.
  • Note which particular day and the time that most people visit your blog and ensure that you publish a post on those days.
  • Spend quality time learning about the people and culture of the country that has the most viewers to your blog.
  • If you are financially able you can pay to advertise your posts on social media.
  • Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your blog via email.
  • Ensure that you have an ABOUT page on your blog. Your viewers will learn more about you and know that you are someone they can trust.
  • Improve the readability of your blog by the theme, design, and writing style.
  • Be aware of current affairs and topical issues to get inspiration.

Read here for additional information about WordPress blogging statistics.

A big thank you to all my viewers who read, liked and followed this blog. I appreciate your presence on this blog.

Thank you!

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  1. It surprised me when I saw my posts being read in a country I never heard of.

    Thank you for publishing this topic.

    By the way, I commented on “Should Teens Date?” Did you see it? Our children should be allowed to air their views, or else we won’t know what they truly need. God bless your household with the best of all things.

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