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Author’s Recognition Award

I have decided to create this blogging award to celebrate and encourage our fellow writers/authors.

As the songwriter/singer states:

You need me, I need you. We are all a part of God’s body. Stand with me, agree with me. We’re all a part of God’s body.

It is His will, that every need be supplied. You are important to me, I need you to survive. You are important to me, I need you to survive.

I pray for you, You pray for me. I love you, I need you to survive. I won’t harm you with words from my mouth. I love you, I need you to survive.

It is His will, that every need be supplied. You are important to me, I need you to survive. (Hezekiah Walker)

Therefore, every person that participates in this award I will share their books or blogs on my Facebook and other social media page.

Purpose of the Award

This award was created by Becomingtheoilandwine blog to support our fellow bloggers who have written and published books or who are in the process of writing a book.

You are free to write as much as possible about your book and the reasons why you have decided to write a book.

Remember, we are all winners in the Kingdom of God, and God wants the best for us.

Rules of the Award

  • Create a new post on your blog using the above picture logo or create one of your own.
  • Copy and paste the Purpose of the Award and the Rules of the Award on your post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Include the links to the creator of the Award and the inspirational post: Celebrating and Supporting our fellow Authors.
  • Write a brief description of the books you have written or the book that you are currently writing.
  • Include a link to your published books or the potential date of publishing.
  • Nominate at least five bloggers who have published a book or who are currently writing or thinking about writing a book.
  • Support at least one of the bloggers you have nominated by either purchasing one of their books or sharing the links to their books.
  • If a nominee has not written a book share one of their blog posts.

I will begin this award by giving you a brief description of the book Harm Not the Oil and Wine that I published in 2017 immediately after hurricane Irma and Maria devastated the BVI and other Caribbean islands.

The book helped me to stay focus on the Lord in His secret place during those difficult times. I realized that this book is even more relevant now during this pandemic crisis.

Brief Description of Harm Not The Oil And Wine

Excerpts from the book’s description.

Amidst trials and hardships, Beverley discovered God’s place of refuge hidden in this simple but revolutionary command: Harm not the oil and Wine! This secret place reveals the truth about God and teaches you how to develop an intimate relationship with Him.

It also exposes the culprit behind your problems and sufferings. Is he the antichrist or the beast in the Book of Revelation? Is this beast living in your home attacking your family?

Come along on this journey with the author to find these answers because the revelation is astonishing and will change your life.

You can get a copy of this book here.

I wish to nominate the following Bloggers

Matthew – Jesusluvsall’s blog

Dawn – Drawing Closer to Christ

Temi – Christian Mommas

Efua – Grace Over Pain

Ryan Callahan’s Blog

Kim Petitt – Beyond Limitations

Mrs. Holliman – God’s Love

Maurice – Soul Renewed

Congratulations to all the nominees!

May God bless you as you continue to do the great work that He has called you to do.



  1. What a cool idea!! I’ve not written a book but have entertained the idea! Yours sounds interesting!!❤️
    Most of the bloggers you listed I am familiar with and I’m surprised how many have written books and I had no clue!! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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