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Happy Anniversary Becoming The Oil And Wine

Today is the official anniversary of this blog!

Thank you, Lord, for taking us this far.


It has been six wonderful years!

The following is an updated version of the introduction on the home page of this blog.

Becoming the Oil and Wine blog was founded in March 19th, 2014 by Beverley Doreen Wright in direct obedience to God to teach, encourage and uplift the people of God.

In 2011, Beverley gave up all secular goals and desires to answer the call of God on her life.

Her first project was to start this blog to share her journey to becoming the oil and wine.

God has called each of us to become the oil and wine. This is an advanced stage of maturity in God.

The process to become these pure and refined products involve trials to help build and mold your character.

Becoming the oil and wine is an ongoing faith journey. But, during the process you will receive total protection from God because He has commanded the enemy to “harm not the oil and wine” (Revelation 6:NKJV)

As the Oil and Wine, you can be like the good Samaritan who poured in the oil and wine on the wounds of those who have been robbed and abused by the enemy.

Beverley’s second project was the released of her first book entitled Harm not the Oil and Wine, which you can purchase on Amazon.

Thank you for visiting and supporting this blog.

Remain steadfast in your journey to become the Oil and Wine.

To date, this blog has eight writers who have contributed at least one article that has been published.

One of the writers is my daughter, Nickay, who also has her own blog. She is currently studying.

My most consistent contributor to this blog is my friend and sister in Christ, Lillyofthevalley777.

She wrote great inspiring poems, which you can read by clicking on this link here.

Read also: The significance of the oil and wine.

Thank you!


A big thank you to everyone who has read, liked, followed and commented on this blog throughout the years. Without you, this blog would not be celebrating this grand milestone.

As my gift to you, please put a link to your blog website and one of your best posts in the comment box below.

I promise to share your post on my Facebook page which has over ten thousand friends and followers.

Thank you and God bless you.



  1. Congratulations Beverley. Happy Anniversary, and thank you for blessing me with a platform for my poems. Reading your blog and others who have commented have been spiritually inspiring, encouraging and a blessing to my soul.🌷🎉☺

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    • This is a powerful testimony, Kim. It is a sad reality that people are still being bullied because of disability. I am glad you find the courage to share it and I am sure it will help someone to find love and acceptance in the arms of God. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your support.


  2. Congratulations. Thanks for your faithfulness! God is so good through you. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share the message of Christ with others. I add this to all of the blogs I write now at the bottom, so that people who do not know Jesus can have the opportunity to make Him their Lord and Savior. To know Jesus more personally read the following

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    • Oh yes. Seven is the number for God’s mercy. I did not even realize that I am entering into the seventh year. This is significant. I know for sure that Lord will have mercy upon us.
      I shared your post on my Facebook. It is Doreen Wright. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.


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