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God’s Provision!

Last Sunday, Sister Annie’s pastor challenged his congregation to be aware of opportunities to testify for Jesus.

Now Annie was certainly known for her faith and her boldness in talking about God.

She was known to stand on her front porch and for the benefit of her atheist neighbor, shout, “Praise the Lord!” resulting in her godless neighbor’s response, “There ain’t no God!”

When hard times set in, Annie stood on her porch and prayed, “Praise the Lord! Please God send me some groceries.”

The next morning she found a large bag of groceries on her front porch, which caused her to shout, “Praise the Lord!’

On cue, her neighbor jumped out from behind a bush and shouted, “Hey, don’t give God the credit – I bought those groceries, He didn’t!”

Annie laughed, jumped up and down, clapped her hands and shouted,

“Praise the Lord! He not only sent me groceries, but He made the devil pay for them!”

(Joke taken from the book: The World’s Greatest Collection of Church Jokes Compiled and edited by Paul M. Miller).


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